When do you think you first became aware of yourself?

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I watched the video, BBC Horizon- The Secret World. I found this video very fascinating. I wanted to see what they had to say about, When do we become aware of self? I think that this is a very interesting topic to think about and before I watched this video I thought about the earliest memory I could recall and I could only remember things from when I was five years old. I wondered if this is when I became aware of myself? Then I watched the video where he described how they tried to determine when little children first become aware of themselves. It was really interesting watching the mirror self recognition test. They would have the children look in the mirror and see themselves and then the parent would put a spot on the child's cheek and see if they noticed the change. These kids noticing the spot on their face, which had not been there a moment ago, represented them becoming aware of themselves. It was really something seeing how the sixteen month child didn't notice the change and then the twenty-two month old child did notice the change. It's weird how six months can make such a difference.

This video made me wonder if the age you become aware of self has anything to do with how observant of a person you are? Just like in the video with the people passing the basketball back and forth and the monkey just walks through the center and most people don't see it. I added this video at the bottom to see how aware you are:


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This video is very cool! Something I never really thought of before! I like how they used the mark to see if they recognize themselves. Overall good job and very interesting!

Interesting video! It is interesting to think that some animals and even very young kids can't recognize themselves. It is something that we take for granted. I actually noticed the items that were missing/added to the pictures. But I think it was because I was expecting something like that to happen. It is interesting how our brain works when we anticipate something to happen and we are looking for it.

Very interesting topic. I wrote about self-awareness also, but I failed to note the difference between becoming self-aware and being an overall observant person. Although we become self-aware when we are 18-24 months old, that doesn't make us more aware, necessarily, of our surroundings as we grow up.

I love watching documentaries about monkeys, so I would be bias if I say I prefer the first Video.
However, I have to admit video 2 is very interesting. The funny thing about the attention test, Is that I always try to focus but somehow I always fell the test. I guess I really have to watch out for cyclists!!
Good job!!

The video is super interesting, good choice! Per usual I failed the attention test. I can't say I'm surprised. Even when I try, I never seem to pass. I think I'd have to agree with the fact that when you become aware is determined by how observant of a person you are. If this is true, then I probably didn't become aware of myself until the age of twelve. haha. Good job!

I like the videos that you posted with your blog. They helped to back up the points that you were making. Also I think that your topic choice is very interesting. I too have wondered when I first became aware of myself.

Great topic! It definitely kept me interested. The first video you posted made me want more.. so I just spent the last 15 minutes watching similar videos. Great job, easy read, informative, and I like the personal connection.

My attention was immediately captured by the video posted--very cool! I've never really thought about self-awareness before taking psych as I'd always assumed that people were always aware of themselves. It's strange to think that through the period of 6 months, we gain self-awareness. Very interesting topic!

I really enjoy the two videos you posted here. The different and similarity between chimp and child made me laugh. Good job!

Great post, with a very interesting video! However, I don't think the first memory of yourself is when you first become aware of yourself. As you said, babies as young as 22 months can recognize themselves in the mirror. Memories from a young age are just harder to keep over the years. Also, I failed the awareness test. Overall, good job!

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