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Can you ever think of a time you ran out and bought something because it was on an ad? Or a particular commercial made a product always stick out in your mind? One of my favorite commercials is actually from Axe..found here. They play up a common problem for guys and make it funny and entertaining. Of course, all guys use deodorant..or at least they should be, so this commercial may make them think about using Axe the next time they decide to run to Target for a new one. Humor is one of the most common attempts to sell a product. And as far as I'm concerned, it works!

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I think this is an example of Classical Conditioning. The sight of sweaty armpits is the UCS, the UCR is disgust, resentment, and a sense of commitment to make sure that never happens to you. The CS is the Axe, and the CR is the satisfaction of knowing it won't make you sweat!

Great Post!

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