You Could Walk On This Water!

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3d-chalk-art-river1.jpg Recently these "3D Chalk Art" pictures have been popping out all over the place. It really is amazing how lifelike these pictures look! I believe that one of the ideas used is Size Constancy. The artist of this chalk picture made the rocks that he wanted to look further away smaller, even though they would be equal in size if picked up. We may also use perceptual sets that convince us that this image is 3D. Our brain sees the shadowing and automatically perceives as a three dimensional space. However if viewed from a different angle we would easily be able to tell that it is just a drawing. Even though our mind is being tricked, I think we should all be thankful that these things can trick our brain because they are pretty cool!


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I agree with your final note that we should be thankful for these optical illusions because it really is cool!! I find it so interesting that this type of art has a ton to do with science, since usually they are pretty opposite subjects. The picture you attached is probably the most interesting 3D chalk art I've seen so far! Cool Topic!

This picture really deceived me before reading the paragraph, I thought it was really at the first glance! I suddenly feel that my brain is very blunt. The author gave me an explanation why I had this illusion after reading this blog. All in all, this is an interesting blog!

These are so fun to look at! Have you ever seen them from a different angle? They are HUGE drawings! For example, I attached a picture of a globe viewed from the wrong angle. so interesting!

I feel that you did a very good job analyzing your topic and the picture you added. I had to look at the picture several times before I realized that it wasn't an illusion! I also agree that Size Constancy is used in this picture.

I think it's so cool to relate the things we learn everyday to what goes on in our lives. These chalk murals are so realistic and their existence benefits everyone because of the excitement and enjoyment that they bring to society. I agree that size constancy is the main way that the artists trick their viewers and like everyone else, I thought it was real until I looked at its surrounding areas. Overall, I think your article was very intriguing.

I definitely thought that the image was 3-dimensional. I think it's amazing that our brains automatically perceive depth with the addition of shadows and highlights in images. Size constancy is also obviously a factor in creating this illusion. You chose a really great example to illustrate your point. 3D chalk art is amazing!

I actually saw one of these chalk paintings last semester when i was in California. It was a good experiences that tricks your brain. At first it looked to me like it was just a normal painting on the floor at the mall but when I look at it from a different angle you mind gets blown away because the chalk painting becomes 3D and pops out at you. The one i saw was of a water fountain, with a statue in the middle.

I really liked how you talked about multiple ways our perception works, like with size constancy and shadow. In our book, the concepts seem more separated out, but it is enlightening to see how the different aspects incorporate into one total picture that our mind perceives.

Very cool picture! I thought it was real water and alligator before I read it was 3D chalk art. Size constancy is very well used in the picture. It made the picture more lifelike. I wish I can see 3D chalk art someday. Overall, I really like your article and the topic

I have seen these chalk drawings before and they fool me every time. I agree that our brain allows us to visualize some pretty cool stuff. It is amazing how size constancy can have such a big effect on the way that we perceive things.

I love seeing these sidewalk drawings at the most random times! They are so incredible. I could only ever dream about being able to draw this well and creating one that was so believable. I agree with the size constancy comment too. The artists need to have an idea of how that kind of thing is applied in their art to create something so amazing!

So cool! I'm glad you brought this up, because I have been seeing a lot of this "chalk illusion" lately. First of all, I think it's amazing that someone has that much artistic ability to see that picture in their brain and put it (in this case) onto concrete. Second, does that mean that they aren't fooled by the illusion, because they can see the breakdown of the picture so well? Just something to think about. Good job!

This is an awesome example. These pieces of artwork have become extremely prominent in the news and among society lately. It demonstrates how a person can overcome "mind tricks." It is neat to think that we are able to trick our brains by something as simple yet so complex as a chalk drawing. Great example.

This is an incredible picture and a great representation of object constancy. It's also super interesting to know about the different views that we can view the drawing at, so that our brains are no longer fooled.

This is a great example of how our perception can differ from reality! I think this topic is very interesting to learn about, plus you can see cool pictures like this chalk art! Great example and post!

It amazes me that anyone can draw something this cool! Perception is super interesting, i love images like this. I would love to have my picture taken on this!

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