50 First Dates Though?

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Can you imagine, being unable to remember meeting someone, and continuously seeing that same person over and over again? Personally, that seems so depressing. Our memory is a constant source of entertainment and pleasure and a dysfunctional one makes life a lot more challenging.

In the movie 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler stars alongside Drew Barrymore in a great example of the impact of memory loss. In the plot, Barrymore's character was impacted heavily by a devastating car crash and had no short-term memory capabilities. Sandler's character attempts to woo Barrymore's throughout the movie and in the process, he gets closer to the rest of her family while realizing how much they do for her to try and keep peace in their lives. At the end of the movie, Adam came up with the idea of a video tape to remind his new "wife" what she has missed and this enables the happy couple to live peacefully in love.

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Berrymore's character suffered from short term memory loss and anterograde amnesia. She loses all recollection of each day's events and believes that each day is the day of her accident. Her memory problems are due to an extreme amount of damage to her amygdala and hippocampus.



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I love this movie! It's so crazy to think that this can actually happen. I couldn't even imagine how I would cope if this was me. It's cool that we now have a better understanding of what caused Barrymore to lose her short-term memory.

Interesting topic! I like this movie! Losing short-term memory sometimes will make us forget good things. That's terrible. However, in other way, this could also make us forget the bad thing as well. So, I cannot say whether losing STM is a good thing or bad thing. All in all, good blog with good illustrations!

Great post! I was drawn to it because I have watched this movie several times and really enjoyed it. I think it is so interesting that after seeing this movie so many times before I never really thought about what actually was wrong with her but after reading your post I am aware that it was damage to her amygdala and hippocampus.

It's great you start this blog with a question which can let readers thinking and feeling interesting. I like this movie! Your comment on the psychology parts is good and clear with a picture as well.

This is one of my favorite movies and it's great how it relates to psychology. I like how you tied it although it says in the movie back to our psychology book and learning about the brain. It helps to make these things we simply just here about and turn them into things in which we have knowledge about. I could never imagine how it feels to be person with a memory disorder!

I really enjoyed how you related this movie to what we were doing in class! Great example. The interactive picture and well-known movie make this easy to read and understand! Great work!

Yes, I love how you related a movie that so many people love to a topic we learned about it class. I can't image being on either end of this scary scenario. How awful would it be to wake up every day and not even know who your husband is or what is currently going on in your life? Or how awful it would be for the husband to know that the woman he loves doesn't even remember him each morning? A lot of dedication would have to go into a marriage like that for sure.

I thought you did a really good job talking about this topic and then relating it to something that many people have seen. I really liked this movie and it was cool to see that it could actually happen and is related to what we are learning about.

I never got the chance to watch this movie, but it sounds to be a good one especially that I like both actors. I think you did a good job with the article, and you explained your concept in concise and clear way. Please next time include a trailer of the movie!!

I feel that it would have to be absolutely terrifying to have anterograde amnesia. Your life would be frozen in the past and everyone you know and love would change while you wouldn't be able to understand why. Great link of the chapter to pop culture, great movie too.

Great way to make your topic more relevant to the readers. This movie showed exactly what the effects of short term memory loss and anterograde amnesia can have on both the victim, as well as the people around them. It would be extremely difficult to live your life and not be able to remember the day before, but it would be almost just as difficult to watch one of your loved ones not be able to remember anything. But very good post and great use of hollywood to make it more relevant.

I love this movie. It touched me a lot. Although it has a happy ending, my friend and I cried for the effort that Adam paid for Berrymore to let her remember him because she will forget what happened before on the next day. I guess it may be a good method that record patients' experience by a video of solving this memory-loss disease.

Great connection from something from the material to something everyone can relate to. This is a great movie and you did a great job connecting the two aspects of the material.

Interesting post! Using the movie was a great example for the topic of memory loss. I can't even imagine suffering from memory loss like the main character does in the movie, I think it definitely reminds us to be thankful for our memories!

First off i love this movie, second nice post about it. Thinking back to the movie and looking it with the information i now know from psyc class it puts things a little different light. i know how hard it can be for family and friends to deal with a loved one that suffers from memory loss, it is a tragically difficult situation. But to put yourself in Berrymores position, that would be even more difficult, especially with her characters situation of having to relearn your life everyday! again nice post, sparked some interesting discussions.

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