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As America has developed as a country, especially in the last 50 years, the idea of the family has constantly been changing. From the typical two children household with a working father and a stay-at-home housewife in the 50's as shown in the television series Mad Men, to the modern family today where women are more encouraged to work and the responsibility of making the families income doesn't only fall on the man. As a result, is it possible that not having these stereotypes around works against the natural biological influences that the text discusses such as the fact that boys instinctively play with guns and girls play with cookware? In my opinion and in most cases, if nature makes a species the way they are, there is a pretty good reason for it and that, as a culture, we shouldn't work against nature. I'm getting at the fact that, and in the most delicate way possible, we should go back to something that favors our natural tendencies.
Another interesting thing that has been happening recently is that as a whole, the younger generations of kids, those in elementary and middle schools, are being brought up in ways so as they are more safe and in essence, coddled. Is that a realistic way to raise children? When they have to leave these 'safe' environments and live in the world today, will they be ready for it? One of the worst examples that I can think of is here


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I agree definitely agree with you that we as a society should not try to work against nature, but I would like to clarify what I mean. Its not that we need to go back to the 50's with men working and women being at home, because I don't think we should, its that children do need an adult/authoritative figure in their life and nature has basically programed mothers to be that important person. I also tend to agree with you second premise of coddling, but I do have to wonder sometimes. Are children truly over-protected today or is it natural for every successive generation to think each new generation is to protected than the last?

I would agree also that today many kids are babied and not prepared to go out into the real world. Growing up and thinking that you are safe where ever you go isn't what its really like out there. Many kids will grow up assuming that they are safe in any situation which they aren't. I recently camped out at Mall of America and saw many 10-12 year old girls doing that same without any parental supervision. In my opinion, the Mall of America is not a safe place, I don't even feel safe going there with one other person. I think that parents today assume their child is more safe than they realize.

Yes, some children are coddled way too much. The article you gave was an excellent example! I think it is absolutely ridiculous to ban physical contact. It's in environments like those where things go wrong, because the kids will never learn what kind of physical contact is welcomed or not, and how to see the difference. Everyone has to learn this at some point, and the longer you put it off, the harder it will be to change one's perspective. But, I also think there are just as many examples where children aren't looked after enough. The post above me gives a great example of that. I don't actually know the numbers of how many kids are coddled too much and how many are not coddled enough, but I know they are both prevalent today, and I believe they have been for many generations.

This was a really interesting topic for you to pick and I agree that some people coddle their children way too much. That article that you included was very interesting. I can't believe that a school can make a rule like that and try to enforce it. I would be very upset if I went to that school.

Interesting topic! I have to agree that children now tend to be babied in a way that leaves them potentially unprepared for the real world. Without having children myself I'd say it's hard for me to say I won't want to do everything in my power to protect them, but at some point a parent needs to let their child test the waters.

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