Gut reactions? Not always the best!

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According to some business theorists, Western business people tend to rush into decisions without first looking at the real problem. I think that this is because as Westerners, we use our emotions too much in business. Everything becomes an emotional matter and often even political. There are so many cliches telling us to use our hearts and our gut reactions, although sometimes this doesn't always produce the best situations. In Eastern cultures, they are much better at separating their business from pleasure and I think that is our problem here. We often make good friends, golf with co-workers, and share our personal life with employees.. from my personal standpoint I am a supporter of this, but sometimes it can be a downfall. Maybe if we can somehow change this we can get rid of the sayings like "Ready, fire, aim" and be more productive as a community of business people.



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I would have to agree with you that Westerners like to use their gut reactions to make decisions and this can sometimes lead to irrational decisions. However, our society moves pretty fast and its typically the early bird that gets the worm. If we didn't use our gut reactions sometimes we might fall behind the others and not get anything done. But I think what you were alluding to in the end is important, everything in moderation. Good post!

There are some times where you do end up having to make decisions based on the gut, and there is no way of knowing beforehand which way is right. Other times, especially in big business decisions, you have to really analyze the situation and look at it from different perspectives. I also agree with the previous comment that everything is needed in moderation. It is interesting to see the differences in thought across cultures.

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