How Did Your Parents Raise You?

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Obviously, we all are students at a great University, so our parents must have done something right!! But do you ever run into people and think-- "Wow, what did their parents teach them growing up?" When reading the section on the different types of parenting styles, I started by analyzing my parents' style and then compared it to other parents I know. Using the three main parenting styles developed by Diana Baumrind, Permissive, Authoritarian, and Authoritative, I can clearly pin point how I was raised compared to some of my friends. I find this so interesting because even though we were brought up completely different we all turned out to be similar enough that we became close friends. My parents were more of authoritative, they showed me lots of affection and allowed me to be independent, but also made clear to me what was and was not acceptable behavior. I get along great with my parents. My best friend grew up with pretty Authoritarian style parents. They are not very affectionate, extremely strict, and punish her often. She has a rocky relationship with her parents, but because of their strict rules she learned great study habits which she appreciates now at college! It is fun to compare how each of my friends views the world based on how we were taught and treated by our parents. This is an important thing to study, because it can be helpful to develop a better technique to raising children. I know that I already have some sort of idea of what to do when I start having children in the DISTANT future just by reading this chapter and comparing parents I know.


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Your blog was very interesting, and I never knew that there were names for these parenting styles. I am curious about the studies done to see what type of parenting style works best and how they would measure the results. I also would like to know if these results would change the parenting styles of most adults. Your last sentence was funny too.

I definitely agree with your last statement - especially when this article has taught me quite a bit about parenting already. Parenting seems like a cyclical process - our parenting styles are influenced by our own parents, and it continues with our children - I'm glad you acknowledged this in your post.

This blog post was very interesting. After reading this post I read more about each of the types of parenting, and I feel like my parents were a mixture between Permissive and Authoritative because I never had any chores, a curfew, and I was never grounded. However, my parents taught me what was right and wrong and to be honest I was never a rebel child, I always listened to my parents, and grew up never doing things that would make me get in trouble. So even though my parents didn't set many rules I grew up being a well behaved person. So this could just because I modeled myself after my parents who were great role models. I have a great relationship with my parents and felt that they did a great job parenting. So it may just depend on the parents themselves and the way that they act.

Hello, my name is Krasen and i am from Bulgaria.
I'm sure that your parents have done the right thing. Here in my country, many people do nothing for their children or they have no money to educate them. Be grateful - they are irreplaceable! Sorry for my English, google helped me :)

Since I personally know your parents, and have known you since we were about 10, I can definitely say that sounds exactly like your parents! It for sure sounds like mine too. It is interesting to compare how parents are, especially with all of our friends! Loved reading your post jditty :)

This is a very interesting article. After reading this article I would have to say that my parents are also authoritative, My parents allowed me to be independent but once i decided to do something they made me stick with it, my mom showed me lot of affection. A question that would of been nice for you to answer is it possible to have two different types from your parents like your mom is Permissive and your dad is Authoritarian? This blog would be a lot better if you had some visuals. just something to keep in mind for next time.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and how you related it back to your personal life! Our parents definitely sound like twins because that is exactly how they are too! They could be best friends! I never thought about how this information can be used in the future so we all know the different parenting styles! Good job!

It's interesting to think about how we all ended up at the same place. I think our parents definitely played a large role in helping us achieve and get to where we are today. This post does a good job of describing how our parents help determine the success in our lives.

I really liked reading your post and the personal examples you included! My parents allowed me to do what I wanted as long as I did well in school and helped around the house. Instead of setting strict rules and teaching me important lessons directly, they tried to lead by example and let me make my own decisions. I think it was a great parenting method, and I'm happy they raised me the way they did. It's weird to think about how different I might be if they decided to not raise me the way they did!

I really liked this blog. It is interesting to see the different styles of parenting that many parents take. Mine were also authoritative. They did exactly the same thing. They were very nurturing and loving, yet I knew what was wrong and right. They made it so I wanted to obey them and not break the trust they had in me. I am very close with my parents and am very pleased with how they brought me up. Like you I also have friends that have Authoritarian parents, and their relationship is very different than mine. It really is good to start thinking about these things early because it will have such a huge impact on the kids lives.

I agree completely with your post. Although I consider myself very lucky with the way I was raised and I plan to duplicate it to the best of my ability with my own children, doesn't mean other ways don't work just as well. I also enjoyed reading about the different styles, as I didn't know there were specific categories. Our textbook does a great job of explaining how our parents are great contributors to our personality but by no means are they the only contributors, so the varying in parenting styles is completely normal and acceptable, as great people can come from all of them. Thanks!

I enjoyed you article about parenting styles, and I find it interesting how big of an affect parenting styles can have on a kids life. My parents set a lot of strict rules, and I am glad that they did because it helped me learn right from wrong and has kept me out of trouble. It is interesting to think how although many of my friends had different parents with different styles, we all sort of ended up the same and shared a lot of the same interests and opinions.

I really enjoyed reading your post about different parenting styles. I didn't like my parents' parenting style and I still hate it. They were like the authoritarian of authoritarian. Because of my dissatisfaction of how my parents raised me, I am very interested learning about different parenting styles. I agree with you that parenting style is very influential in every kids' lives. I think it can change the personality of a person 180 degree. Anyway, I really enjoyed your post!

I think that how our parents raise us is way more influential than any genetic trait we inherit. Think about how much we act like our parents. It's scary how often I say something and think to myself, "Oh my god, I just sounded like my dad." You could argue that this is because we inherit their genes, but I don't see how inheritance could influence the random little sayings that my dad always says that somehow find their way into my daily vocabulary.

I enjoyed reading your post! I would agree with you that there are a lot of different parenting styles. My parents were like your parents where there were boundaries when I was growing up, but there was also my own freedom. I also have a relatively close relationship with my parents like you do. Very good post!

Your post is very interesting because sometimes it struck me how different my friends and I were raised. My parents raised me in the Authoritarian style like your friends and now, I really appreciate that I study better than most of my friends.

I thought your post was very interesting and informative. I agree with another comment, that it would have been interesting for you to cover the idea of parents having 2 different styles. I know that my parents definitely have 2 different styles of parenting, and I wonder if a part of this can be attributed to their divorce, which would make it much harder for them to communicate about how to best raise their children, if they were willing to communicate at all.

Like you, my parents raised me completely different than many of my friend's parents. My parents were very strict and I had more rules than most people I knew my age. I wonder how much parenting styles actually effect their children and how they turn out. I feel like how I turned out was based more on my own goals and what I wanted rather than what my parents believed was best, which cause some problems in our household. I think it would be cool to live in someone else's shoes for a week and experience how they were raised compared to you!

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