Parenting: Which one will you be?

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Become a new parent can be very stressful and not knowing how to raise your child can be detrimental to how they will act as they grow. Knowing the different parenting styles studied by Diana Baumrind can be very eye opening for new parents and to become aware of what parenting style they want to partake while raising their child. From Baumrind's study, she concluded three major parenting styles which are permissive, authoritarian and authoritative. Later on, a fourth style was identified as uninvolved. A permissive parent will be lenient with their child and allow them to have a significant amount of freedom both inside and outside the household. Discipline is not a priority and the child is showered with affection. supernanny.jpeg Authoritarian parents will be stricter with their child and punish them quickly if demands are not fulfilled quickly or in a timely manner. Little affection is shown and the child has little ability to explore. An authoritative parent is a good middle between permissive and authoritarian. Authoritative parents will provide affection and support while still getting ground rules. Lastly, an uninvolved parent simply neglects their child but giving zero affection and paying little attention to them in general. This video shows the different parenting styles in action. Now there isn't necessarily a right or wrong way to parent a child but there is of course a more effective way. Every family is different and every child has different psychological needs. A very popular show on ABC called "Supernanny" is a British reality TV show that profiled parents and their troubled children. A professional nanny, Jo Frost, steps in to help and teach the parents how to become better parents. Many parents are permissive because they simply give in to their child's demands in order to avoid conflict. From personal experience, I think that the authoritative parenting style works very well. My parents raised me with very set rules about curfew, homework and chores but they always supported my passion in art and any crazy idea I had as a child. This made me have a very strong bond with my parents because I could trust them and I knew that they always wanted what was best for me. Even though I may not always have liked having to be home earlier than some of my other friends, this taught me responsibility and reliability.


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It is interesting to read about the types of parents and I believe that everybody will find it useful!At least I myself liked a lot the description of Diana Baumrind! Removals

Luckily, I had a chance to have authoritarian parents. Since I was the youngest of four brothers, I was fortunate that my parent’s style switched from authoritative to authoritarian. I also think that helped me shape be a more balanced individual and also being responsible since a young age.
Nice article!! I think you did a great job describing the parenting styles.

Your post provides really good information for the different types of parenting! My parents raised me in a similar way, it sounds, to how your parents raised you. They did give me a lot of freedom in some respects, but I was definitely the first one to be required home. Good job!

This was great info. I often think about what kind of parent I will be, and hope to god that my child doesn't turn out to be a brat.I had both authoritarian and authoritative, a nice combination of both so hopefully I end up as somewhere in the middle of the two.. but hopefully not anytime soon ;]

Very nice blog post! I thought this topic about different parenting styles was very interesting. I agree with you; I have authoritative parents and I think their propensity for rules really helped me become more responsible, but their support for my interests helped strengthen our parent-child bond. I don't know what kind of parent I will be--but I think I would try to be an authoritative parent to encourage both discipline and exploration. Overall, very interesting blog.

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