Problems in Business

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Within the past few years, business theorists have found that in comparison to Eastern managers of business, Western managers often rush into solutions before defining a problem 100%. I believe the main reason this issue has arose is due to the fact that our money-woman.jpgcountry and many others are becoming more and more power hungry as each new day goes by. There is no time to waste when money could be made, which is why many people use the phrase "Ready, fire, aim" when referring to how people usually approach problems these days. This can cause many additional problems when it comes to final decisions. Business people could not fully think things through, and be stuck with the consequences in the long run.
I find it interesting that this way of thinking could be applied to my future major and career, as something to steer clear of. I am majoring in interior design which the main focus is taking a problem with space planning and creating many different solutions. It is absolutely essential to choose the correct solution to the problem, otherwise you will be left with unhappy clients and extra issues you will not want to deal with.


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This is a really interesting topic! It fits perfectly with the phrase, "time is money." For me, this topic also raises the question of whether or not were being taught the necessary skills in class to prepare us for the business world. I also enjoyed the picture you put in your blog.

I am majoring in business marketing and so far i have hear the term "ready, fire, aim" in several different class. I find it ridiculous that businesses snap into solutions just like that, especially the big fortune 500 companies. Small problems turn into huge problems and it could all be solve by hiring the right people to make the right decisions. Often there are big consequences when you do not look at the whole picture when you are are making tough decisions. This is just one problem a lot of businesses have. You had a great visual, could probably add at least one more problem businesses have to make your article and main point get across.

I am majoring in business so this article really applies to me. I am not sure if I'm going to take a managerial position, but this is something that I will try to be aware of in the future. Not taking the time to fully address, analyze, and solve a problem in its entirety may result in future disastrous problems that the company would wish they avoided in the first place.

I really enjoyed your blog post because I can completely relate. I worked in a restaurant for a few years and my managers were notorious for ignoring problems or finding the simplest solution, so later on the problem would just increase and they would be frustrated. I find it really interesting that we (the people in the west) do things much more impulsively and don't really think things through! Great job!

I totally agree with your article. However, I do not think that this is limited to business majors. I think that in every major, or every career I should say, people are pressed to make quick decisions that are definitely not the best in a long term. Some people have an alternative explanation, and say that our generation is impatient; I think that may be kind of true but the real truth is that the world is getting power hungry like you say in your article.

I think your post is very accurate. There are many problems in business, and a lot of them are caused by people who are power hungry. Many business people get so focused on making money that they do not think everything through. While it is very common in the business world to be power hungry, I think it is present in every aspect of life. If you don't think about the consequences of your actions, whatever they may be, you will likely suffer in the long run.

I'm majoring in business and this is one of the topics that is covered in MGMT 1001. You pointed out a lot of the ideas that were shown in class especially how the people of the west do business differently than those of Eastern managers. Money is the soul cause behind almost all businesses in the Western world.

It's amazing just how quickly people make decisions when they think that they are losing money by waiting. It's plain to see that in some industries making a quick dollar outweighs making the smart or even the ethical choice. Many business people need to stop and evaluate all of the options available, and above all weigh both the monetary cost as well as the ethical implications of their decisions.

As much as i wish it wasn't true, i completely agree that the vast majority of business and people rush to decisions. The term "Ready, fire, aim" is 100%, to many people don't think about the consequence of their actions in the longs, and when dealing in business this can cause some serious problems. I am person who really likes to plan things out and can't help but think and look at worst possible outcome. We need to ditch the "Ready, fire, aim" state of mind and switch to, "plan for the worst, hope for the best!"

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