So who is this Father Figure?

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While looking for topics to choose through in our large selection, one caught my eye immediately. When I saw the role of fathers, I knew that this would be an interesting topic to do further research on. When I have a problem with school or friends, I go to my mom. But, if I need help fixing something or wanted someone to play with when I was little, I turned to my dad. Why is that?

In our Psychology book for this class, it explains in four ways how mothers and fathers differ:
1. Fathers tend to be less attentive and affective when the the baby is still very little.
2. Fathers tend to spend less time with the baby, even if the parents are home an equal amount.
3. When fathers interact with their children, they are the more playful then mothers usually are.
4. Lastly, both young boys and girls go to their father first, oppose to their mother, as a playmate.

So maybe that is why many kids would go to their mom for emotional things and their dad for physical work. But you need your father just as much as you need your mother! So, I looked up some facts about Fathers that were pretty remarkable:
- Odds that the average man will become a father: 1 in 2
- Number yearly who take permanent leave to become stay-at-home dads: 143,000
- Number of current fathers who would still want to have kids if they could do it over again: 19 in 20
These are only a few, where the rest can be found here.

To leave you with a small clip, fathers play a key role in the lives of his children, while some go above and beyond, the smallest gesture means a lot!


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This post made me think about my relationship with my parents. I tell my mom much more personal things such as problems with friends, boyfriends, and things like that where I talk to my dad about work and school and politics. There are somethings that I would NEVER tell my dad! I liked that you also did a little research and found out some more facts about fathers.

Your post seemed to hit it dead on in the case of my parents. Except I feel like recently I have actually gone to my dad about more emotional things as well. Maybe that's just part of growing up. I can still remember playing with my dad as a kid. It's crazy to think how fast we grow up. I love Daddy Day Care by the way such a great movie! I really enjoyed your post!

Such an interesting post!! I would totally agree and say that I always go to my mom for advice on friends and relationships. But when it comes to sports or school, I talk to my dad. He cares more about concrete things like finances and grades in school. Actually, I would say that my dad is pretty affectionate compared to most dads, which I really like. All of those stats about the father figure are pretty eye-opening! Great addition to your post.

Now that I think about it, this is very true! I think that being a parent means two slightly different things for mothers and fathers. Mothers clearly have a much stronger maternal instinct towards their children and take care of their basic needs a lot more, while fathers are more playful with their children. However, I think both aspects are very important while raising a child, so I am always impressed by single parents that manage to do both.

I really enjoyed this post! As soon as I read the facts you posted, I started thinking about how my relationship differs with my mom and my dad. Like your post states, I tell my mom much more personal things or when I just need to vent to someone. When I talk to my dad on the other hand, it is almost always with a purpose. If I need help with a project or have a question something specific. I also liked your clip of Daddy Day Care. I had seen the movie many times before but never thought about it from this aspect :)

I really enjoyed reading this post. I was really surprised by the fact that young girls and boys alike both prefer to play with their fathers. I must have been one of the exceptions to this statistic because I always wanted to play with my mom. This blog did a good job showing that paternal roles are already developed by a young age.

Interesting post. I agree with you that fathers are much more playful with their kids that mothers are (at least that was the way my parents were). It's interesting to think of the different roles of mothers and fathers. I'd never really thought of it before!

I really enjoyed this post! I think it is very interesting because that is how a typical family works. That has always been how my family has worked, if anyone needed something fixed or wanted to go to the park when we were younger, it was always my dad that would take us. I thought that the numbers that you provided for fathers were very interesting! and I really liked the last one, how 19 out of 20 fathers would do it again. Very nice post!

I thought the facts about fathers that you listed were very interesting. Even with all of the hard work that goes into raising a child, it is good to know that 19 out of 20 fathers would still choose to have kids if they could do it over again. Also, I feel the same way about what parent I would go to for advice (mom), and what parent I would go to if I wanted to play a sport (dad).

I can not say enough about this topic. Fathers do play a huge role in their kids lives. I thought it was a really good point about different things that I go to my parents for. If I need something fixed it is often my dad; if I have some emotional concern it is often my mother. Both play such a key role in my life. My best friends parents are divorced and I hear from him all the time how hard it is. Men and women are so different and both bring in things when raising a child. I hope to have kids some day, and it will be interesting to see who they go to for their different needs.

There is definitely the stereotypical dad fixes things and mom takes care of you that most of us see within our own households. I think this is more so the case when we are younger, but now, as young adults, I think it really boils down to who you relate to most. I think I am more similar to my dad personality-wise, so I find it much easier to talk about stuff with him. There will always be the "girl stuff" that I wouldn't share with him, but I think everything else is relative. Very interesting post overall, and good movie!

I really enjoyed reading your post. Very interesting topic! I totally agree with you that fathers are much more playful than mothers are. I tend to go to my father when I want to play video game or play sports but when I am depressed and have worries, my mom comes to my mind first. Nice Post and a video!

great topic to write your post about... it had me really thinking back to when I was younger, and how my dad was a lot more spontaneous with taking me and my siblings out to places, while my mom was always there to clean up cuts and bruises! I still find this to be the same way with my parents too ha!

great and interesting post. You provided alot of facts in a short amount of time and anytime someone does that I am immediately a fan. You provided a lot of great visual aids that caught my attention right away and the video was great as well.

I've never really thought about the difference between my relationships with each parent before this but I'm definitely similar to you. I've told my mom things that I don't like I could ever tell my dad, and I definitely would never ask my mom to take a look at something wrong in my car. It's interesting to look at why the relationships are so different, but I do think that those roles would probably be reversed for boys, however. Great statistics, and I love the movie daddy day care!

I really enjoyed this blog entry. I thought it was interesting yet very true that most young children go their father first to play. I do believe it has a lot to do with the discipline structure. I found it surprising how many fathers leave to become stay at home dad's though. I think it is is surprising the amount because I do not know any stay at home fathers.

Great post! I think these general statements have a lot of truth to them, but I've realized that my relationships with my parents have been a little different. My mom is very proactive and would always come up with 'projects' for me and my brothers to do, like plant trees, paint the house, etc. My dad, on the other hand, would like to relax with music after work, and through him, I learned a lot about music. As a tween, I would almost always talk to my dad with my problems. Even though my experience may have been different, I can see the truth to what you're saying

Very interesting stats on fathers! I thought this article was very relevant about the relationships for most children and their fathers, especially at younger ages. I have noticed how as I have gotten older, I have actually started going to my father more and more for advice, and am more likely to confide in him than my mother. I think that this is largely do to me being a male myself, and that I relate to him more. Very good article!

Interesting blog! I really energy the picture and video. Statements from psy book for this class and some data presented here impress me a lot.

Awesome blog post! It was very enjoyable to read. I personally fit the mold; I definitely 'hang out' with my dad more, but I talk to my mom whenever I need advice with other people or school. I think the statistics you provided were meaningful and very interesting!

The relationship between the child and the father is a little different than the closeness the child with the mother. This can happen because of busy working father, but the father must still have time to play with the children. Schedule may be made ​​as a holiday, because it is to improve the emotional relationship between father and son.

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