Alzheimer's Disease: Still An Unknown Disorder

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What if one day you wake up and you forget the conversation that you had during dinner the night before? What if you suddenly keep losing in a game that you mastered? What if you take longer time to perform a daily task? These might be some early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia that affects humans' memory, language, and behavior over time. The cause of AD is not very clear. Individuals are more likely to get the disease when they are in their old age and if they have relatives with the disease. The disease can also be caused by genes. Other factors that might also increase the risk are gender (a woman is usually more prone to the disease than a man) and previous exposure to head trauma. Many research have been done on the disease, but until today, there is still no cure for the disease. There are medicines available to slow the rate of they symptoms become worse, such as Doneprezil and Memantine. However, patients who take the drug will not get much benefit as they will not see a lot of difference. Beside the difficulty in its treatment, it is also hard to prevent AD. A health journal suggests to eat less fatty diet, increase antioxidants consumption, and maintain a normal blood pressure to prevent AD. To learn more about the disease, Alzheimer's Association has a wonderful website that provides many information about AD.2397.jpg


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I enjoyed the sources you gave with more relating information to AD. My grandmother had AD and recently passed away, however she lost he memory almost ten years prior. It is very sad to see people you once knew turn into someone they don't even know, hopefully they find a cure soon!

Great links, they were really informative. This really is a terrible disease because it can take a person in great physical health and make a person and their family's lives miserable. You did mention that women are more prone than men to have the disease. Is there a specific reason for that or is it just because females typically live longer lives?

I really enjoyed reading this article and looking at the links you added in as well. This is such a sad and serious disease that more people should learn about. I have had encounters with the disease with family members and it's really not a pleasant experience. Im glad you also went into detail about what are some causes and how to try and further prevent the disease.

The diagram and links you attached were extremely helpful and relevant for your article! This is a great topic, because I feel that almost everyone has been affected or knows someone who has been affected by AD in some way. I really hope that we find a cure to this disease soon, because it is really hard to witness someone you love lose their memory.

This was a very informational article on Alzeimer's. I enjoyed the accurate yet concise summary of the causes, symptoms, and cures of it. The links you added in were also very good. The fact that they have a drug that slows Alzeimer's makes me believe that one day scientists and doctors will figure out a cure for it. Alzeimer's is an extremely serious disease that affects a lot of people and I hope that one day they do find a cure.

This was a very interesting and informational article about Alzheimer's Disease. You did not ramble on about useless information and kept it very concise, which allowed more information stick to the reader, and the link was helpful as well. It is very said to see the effects that Alzheimer's can have on a victim and their family. I personally have been fortunate enough to not have to see the effects on any of my own family members, but have seen the hardships it has put on some of my friends' families. Very good post!

Super interesting blog to read! Alzheimer's disease runs in my family and I watched my great grandmother suffer from it for years. It started off as her forgetting things and progressed to where she didn't recognize her family and generally spoke using four phrases. I remember bringing her a card on her birthday and she kept finding it, opening it, and reading it. She ended up reading my card about ten times that day but every time she was super happy to have received a card from me. Alheimer's is fairly common, I really hope they find a cure to it!

Alzheimer definitely occurs in old age as when people age their memory starts getting weak hence causing AD.sharing a link that says how iron excess in brain can cause alzheimer.
Alzheimer's risk- excess iron in brain

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