What were you like as a baby?

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How does your personality from the past compare to your behaviors today? Do you believe that the basic principles of our personality come directly from our genes, or is your personality shaped through your experiences?

The section about temperament and babies' emotional styles was particularly interesting to me. I had no idea that a baby's social and emotional behavior is so largely genetic in origin. It says in our book that most infants' basic personality styles emerge almost immediately after birth. Environmental factors can play a role, but mostly come into effect later on. This makes sense, because obviously, as newly-borns, infants start with zero environmental influence (apart from intrauterine experiences).kd6336.jpg

This relates directly to me, because I had a very different personality as a baby than I do now. I have heard many horror stories of myself as a youngster, torturing my parents with screams of my demands that they could not understand. Apparently my attitude was so bad that my uncle became scared of me and never wanted to have a girl after spending the day with me. I stayed this way until I could walk and talk with ease, when I could get what I wanted myself, and tell others what they needed to be doing. Clearly, I was all about control as a child.

I'd like to think that I am very different from the difficult child I used to be, and therefore also support that people grow, learn, and change from their experiences. Of course, young infants have little or no experience, in which case genetic factors play most of the role, but as you gain more experience, so does your personality and your attitude.


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Cute picture! And interesting topic! I seem different from you. I am always a happy girl in general from early age (as my mum told me) until now. Probably there are some exceptions. :) And I think my personality really has some small changes as I experience a lot during my way to grow up. All in all, nice job. And thank you for sharing your interesting story of your infancy:)

Great post! I look at this topic like the reinforcement we talked about earlier in the semester. For example, kids are intuitively programed to be like their parents, and their parents raise their kids in the same environment they were raised in. To me that's why kids tend to end up in the same social class as their parents. Genes and environment feed off of each other making the other more likely to occur, which just creates a cycle.

I really like the photo! I think that a lot of our personalities are based on our gene's not the environment. I believe that because I have a fraternal twin brother and we are different in almost every way even though we were raised in the same environment.

I definitely think that personality starts off as genetic when we're infants but adapts and changes as we grow and experience different environments. I was extremely shy as a toddler and always held onto my mom and followed her wherever she went, but now I think of myself as quite the opposite. My parents saw this shyness in me and somewhat forced me into situations and activities where I couldn't be shy, such as dance and gymnastics. Cute picture and great post! I can definitely relate to it.

A very interesting subject for sure. How do personalities vary so drastically among brothers and sisters when they share both the same potential genetics and environment? Weird!

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Funny post, and cute pic! Also interesting, because my brother, sister and I were so similar as babies but are so different now! So naturally, genetics play a key role, but environment shapes us as we grow older. For example, none of us share the same friends, jobs, or even colleges, and our personalities are greatly affected by these things.

I am not as surprised that our early personalities are more genetic. In a sense we haven't really had that much in the way of experience for our personalities to mold around. It is weird though to think that chemicals being expressed can be a personalities. Actually I am going to say that again, chemistry is intricate enough to manifest as a behavior or personality should be a bizarre idea. But again it seems that it does and can. Another example of what amazing creatures we are.

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