You have one chance for a First Impression...or do you?

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How great would it be to have an unlimited amount of first dates? Sounds ideal, huh? Watch the movie 50 First Dates and you'll soon realize that this isn't quite as hyped up as it sounds.

In this movie, Drew Barrymore plays a girl who suffers from anterograde amnesia after getting into a car crash. When I say suffer in this sense, it's not an understatement. Throughout this movie, there are cute scenes where she falls in love, but there are the parts where you see the pain and suffering she goes through every time she finds out that she has no recollection of what happened after the accident.

Although this film does not necessarily portray every aspect of what it would be like to suffer from this condition, it gets the point across. Each day, her family makes sure that she doesn't have to go through the shock everyday. In this film, Barrymore's condition works in a way where she remembers a sequence of 24 hours.

This clips embodies what Barrymore is going through as well as a short clip at the end of a patient who has been suffering from a more severe condition of anterograde amnesia, Ten-Second-Tom.

So, as appealing as it may seem to have an unlimited amount of chances to make a first impression to someone, helping them through the realization of their condition does not seem like a price worth paying.

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