Air Diet or Anorexia?

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It's official... you can literally find a way to make anything sound better than it really is. While looking into possible diets to get ready for summer days at the lake, a website actually tried to persuade me to go on the Air Diet!! I decided to read further to make sure it was serious, and the answer was yes--the creators of this diet really were suggesting that eating only air would make you lose weight. Thank you Captain Obvious. As far as I am concerned, "Air Diet" is synonymous to anorexia. The proponents of this new fad diet just forgot to mention the negative effects of hair loss, heart problems, and fragile bones that can come along with anorexia.

Even though this diet is just a clever way of inducing anorexia in vulnerable targets, it is based in a real scientific phenomenon. In our textbook, the author argues that with feelings of hunger, "the brain is far more influential than the actual stomach." This diet clearly utilizes this fact. It has its participants prepare food and even put it near their mouths (like Madonna is demonstrating above). However, instead of actually eating the food, they do a form of breathing meditation that convinces their brain that consuming air will fill them up the same as food. The stomach will obviously catch on to this trick when it does not receive any food meal, but the stomach is not in control. If the brain, specifically the hypothalamus, can be convinced that food entered the system, it will decrease hunger sensations.

So how about it? Would you ever hop on the Air Diet bandwagon?


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That is crazy that there is actually such a diet out there! I think that I would find it impossible to go through, make food, and then never actually eat it. It would take so much mental will power to be able to convince yourself to do it! Very interesting post, good job!

This is probably the weirdest diet I have ever heard of and clearly unhealthy. I have no idea why someone would ever go through the torture of doing this. The consequences/ side-effects sound even worse than the diet itself. Very informative topic!

Interesting topic. It is weird to think that some people will actually fall into this idea and starve themselves. I found it interesting when you mentioned that if I told myself enough times that I wasn't hungry and basically brainwashed myself into thinking this, my hunger sensations would actually decrease.

I agree with you that this is just an elaborate way of encouraging anorexia. This is a terrible thing to advertise to people! It is sad that people feel so terrible about their weight that they resort to eating air. Why can't people just eat a healthy and balanced diet while exercising??

It's so sad that people would have such problems with their weight as to resort to a glorified form of anorexia to conform to society's standards. I find it ridiculous that people are putting their health at risk--and not to mention wasting food by breathing meditation--just to lose the extra pounds. Ultimately, maintaining a healthy weight is more about eating right than trying to go insane anorexic diets. Overall, I really enjoyed this blog posting, great job!

It's so sad to think that some people struggle so much with their self-esteem that they literally starve themselves. I could never imagine doing such a cruel and unpleasant thing and people suffering from eating disorders need to be helped asap.

I would never go on the air diet! That is defiantly just anorexia plan and simple. This horrendous that they are tricking young people into thinking that this is ok.

Excellent blog post! Air diet.. that's actually pretty funny, obviously consuming only air would cause a person to loose weight. It seems there's no end to the absurd diets that come out these days.

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