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After reading the facial expression section in the textbook, I find out more about Ekman's research on facial expression of emotion. I read a chapter of facial expression of emotion that written by Dacher Keltner and Paul Ekman. As I dug out the chapter, I gradually found out that facial expressions are associated with some autonomic physiology. For example, the oblique eyebrows and concerned gaze of sympathy decreased heart rate and distressed facial expression increased heart rate (Eisenberg et al. 1989). And also, respiratory response of laughter was related to increasing heart rate (Ruch, 1993). Apart from those stuff, Ekman also talked about the accuracy in facial expression judgment. According to his paper, accuracy in facial expression judgment was quite high when people being judged were being truthful and poor when the people were lying. In this material, Ekman and Keltner also claim the cultural variation in facial expression. There are four points arguing cultural differences in facial expression. What makes me interested in is that actually, people from different culture have different inferences they draw from facial expressions of emotion. Here is an example that explains this point. U.S. as compared to Japanese college students were more likely to infer that an individual displaying a Duchenne smile was highly sociable (Matsumoto & Kudoh, 1993). Before studying this chapter, I never think about facial expression can convey this amount of information. It is interesting to "decipher" people's faces and know more about their mind! faciale.jpg



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This is interesting! I always think I can read people and how they are feeling by their facial expressions. I also wonder if facial expressions are learned, or if they are something we genetically know how to do. Interesting blog!

I enjoyed the read; however, I don’t believe that we will ever be able to read people’s faces. I really believe that some people are good actors, which make them hard to read especially knowing that they can use their facial features to mislead you. Also, some criminals are just cold blooded and will not reflect any emotion, which make it hard fot predicting their actions. Nice Blog and nice pictures!!

This is very interesting, however I wish it would have been a little bit easier to read. I love the show lie to me so the pictures really drew me in. Good job!

Reading facial expressions is very interesting, however, it is also a very hard task to realize what others' really think about because the true facial expression may only last a few seconds. The picture is very useful by explaining each facial express with a lot of details.

Interesting topic and good picture! People can tell lie but their facial expression sometimes can tell us the truth! The word "decipher" here is really great.

Great topic! The picture really drew me in! It amazing to me how big of an effect facial expressions can have on the mood that you portray to the world. It's so cool how they are universal too. Facials expressions have no cultural boundaries. Good entry!

I was also surprised by the connection between facial expression and physiological responses. I like this because it supports the idea of attitude ability to improve a situation. If I find myself in an excited situation, or better yet anticipate it, I can just try to focus on making my face a more relaxed, contemplative or compassionate expression it may lead me to have a better head in the situation. This way I could affect the situation in positive way and help it to a calmer more beneficial for everyone conclusion.

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