An Office Romance

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Office romances seem to be all too common in movies and TV. But one romance sticks out as one of the most successful: Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley in The Office. There are three reasons as to why their relationship has been so successful. Proximity, similarity, and reciprocity are the three major principles that guide the formation of relationships and attraction.
The most obvious reason people fall in love is that they work, live, or study in the same environment. Jim and Pam worked at Dunder Mifflin for years before they became a couple. Just seeing someone everyday allows for the opportunity for a relationship to blossom. index.jpg
Pam and Jim are very much alike and have a lot in common. Their degree of similarity allows them to understand one another and to enjoy doing similar activities together. When you share things in common with your partner, the chances that you will have a successful relationship greatly increase. If you and your partner have nothing in common, it will be difficult to establish a personal connection.
Reciprocity is the third principle in guiding attraction and relationship formation. There must be some give and take in every relationship. For example, Jim and Pam have meaningful conversations which bring them closer together.
The Office is full of romances. Some work and others don't. But, if there is proximity, similarity, and reciprocity, you are on your way to a relationship.
The 3 principles can even be seen in this short clip.


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Great post! I love the office! I think that, that is very true. That when you are around someone that much, like they are on the show, that there is at least an opportunity for a relationship to start because there is so much time spent together.

Nice job using three terms from the book and explaining them in a clear and simple fashion. Also, you made a great choice in picking the office for your example, that definitely drew me in to read your article.

Really interesting topic and examples! I have only heard about the office, but never really sat down and watched it. You clearly explained how this relationship became successful, and thoroughly explained the three aspects to a successful relationship. Good job at finding a video clip that related and showed the three as well.

I really liked that you used Pam and Jim as your couple in this blog. Perfect choice! They really do do a good job of showing all three principles of a good relationship. I enjoyed how you outlined each principle and provided examples related to Jim and Pam! Great job and I loved the video!

I love that you used a situation that readers can have fun with and also relate to from seeing the office, and that you also were very thorough when explaining why their relationship works! Very good post! The video adds a lot :)

This example works perfectly to display proximity, similarity and reciprocity. Plus, I love this show so I enjoyed reading this post.

This is a wonderful example of proximity, similarity, and reciprocity. I love the office and Jim and Pam and they have a great relationship!

Office romances are such a weird subject. To what degree can employers tolerate relationships within their work environment without letting them interfere with productivity? I think that the office presents a case where it can work out fine, since Pam and Jim don't really make any important decisions that could be compromised by their relationship, but some other relationships might have different impacts.

I love The Office! Great post about proximity, reciprocity, and similarity. The clip was a really nice touch to the post, too! Personally, I don't believe that all three of these are necessary for a relationship to be successful, but they definitely help!

Excellent post! I am also an Office fan and now that I think about it Jim and Pam's relationship is pretty much the perfect example of a perfect relationship. They demonstrate all of the qualities needed to be a good couple, as you pointed out.

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