College students sleep...?

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The thing that I will remember most from psychology is probably the section we learned about sleep. As college students we all know that sleep is a rarity and something that we lack, so I was eager to learn more about it. I never realized that there are four stages of sleep and that only one of them includes REM sleep. I knew a little bit about REM sleep before but I thought that it was super interesting to learn more about it and how it affects your dream cycle and how rested you are. I never realized before that you generally don't dream unless you are in REM sleep. For me personally that makes a lot of sense because when I don't get a lot of sleep due to homework I don't generally remember having any dreams. In this section of the book, I learned these and many more sleep tips and pieces of information that I will most likely always remember.


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Great topic! I also found the section on sleep to be very interesting and informative because while I know sleep is important, I hardly know anything about it in detail. I can definitely relate to this post, and agree that the book provided a lot of helpful information!

Very interesting topic choice! I agree that us college students rarely get the right amount of sleep during the night, which isn't good for you. I also agree that I don't remember many of my dreams and it was interesting to find out that dreams occur during the REM stage, which is one of the important stages.

I am definitely one of the college kids that does not get very much sleep, so I found this very interesting to learn about also! I always understood that sleep was important, but I did not really know much else about it. Now I have a much better understanding of a very important part of life. Good post!

Sleep is very interesting I agree. It's very tough to get the right amount of sleep, and it's a great topic because we experience the effects every day. Too much sleep can be bad, and too little can be bad also. Very tricky to get the right amount of sleep so that you can reach all the stages.

Good topic! I remember this as well too! Especially with finals coming up this week. I think it was a very interesting point that was made and how much getting not enough sleep can affect someone.

Quality topic choice, I am also one of those college kids that doesn't get enough sleep! Sleep is such an important part of our day and I think we all tend to forget about how it affects us.

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