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Just look at the people you see every day in life. You can easily see fat people. According to, 65% of American adults are overweight and 35.7% of adults have obesity. So probably more than half of people you see every day are fat. Because there are so many people who suffer with obesity and overweight, there are many diet programs and diet products out in the market. There are good diet plans and products but some are ridiculous and not helping at all. One of diets that I got to know because of my friend was cookie diet. Yes, it sounds like a lie. When I first heard about it, I thought that was the stupidest way of losing weight. However, it was actually developed by a doctor, Sanford Siegel. It isn't the healthiest weight-loss plan but according to the doctor, you can lose weight with the cookie diet. Siegel's homemade cookies contain natural hunger-suppressing proteins such as oats, rice, whole wheat flour, and bran, but they lack the optimal amount of daily nutrients. Which is unfortunate because while Cookie Dieters can eat as many specially crafted cookies as they like during the day, they're allowed only one meal: dinner, which consists of six ounces of chicken, turkey, or seafood with one cup of veggies. I think it's a bad diet plan. What do you guys think? Would you try it if you are fat?


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This sounds like a terrible idea to me! I think it is better if you just eat healthy throughout the day with plenty of fruits and veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. It is sad that people in our country have become so obese in the past years and feel the need to resort to ridiculous diets such as the cookie diet.

Very interesting topic! I completely agree with you--I feel like this is another weight-loss gimmick that doesn't teach people about healthy diets for weight maintenance. The obesity problem in this country can't be solved by these miracle diets as the true way for people to lose weight is to to eat healthier, cut out extra snacks, and control portion sizes. I really liked your blog post, nice job!

The diet itself sounds good at first sight but it is something i would personally never try. Only eating one meal a day just sounds like a horrible time. I would much rather eat healthier and smaller meals throughout the day opposed to just cookies and a small dinner. Great post though.

Honestly I could never have the self control to do pretty much any of the diets out right now. Restricting myself to eat a meal only once a day, or only a certain kind of food every day would make me miserable. But I think the biggest problem with obesity in America is our portion sizes, as said in some previous comments. Once people start eating healthier foods, it is easier to make it a trend, and in enough time, people can pay more attention to their eating habits and make the right choices. I totally agree that the get slim quick programs can get really crazy.

This is a pretty interesting entry, however I would never do this as a diet. I feel like eating these cookies all day wouldn't make you lose weight at all. And only eating one meal a day sounds horrible, and unhealthy. I think that people should eat healthy and exercise to lose weight instead of doing some sketchy diet that makes you eat cookies and only one meal.

I had never heard of the cookie diet, what an interesting topic choice! I think the man who created the cookie diet was definitely onto something. Although, it may not be the most successful, for some people this may be one of few options they have. Personally, I believe that "diets" are a little bit ridiculous. Yes you should eat healthy, but I think it is a little obsessive to count calories that much. In my opinion, exercise is the main factor in losing weight, people just need to possess the desire to lose weight. The "cookie diet" seems like a way for obese and overweight people to find an easy way out.

Your post is very interesting, especially about the diet cookie. I agree that nowadays there are many products that claimed to help in dieting. Everytime I heard about this product, I always think negatively about them. Usually this type of product did not have any nutritional values and might contain dangerous chemicals that can damage our body. So I will never try the cookie diet.

This blog is so interesting! I think I will try that cookie, but not as breakfast, lunch or dinner, just as snack. Cookie is just cookie, it cannot provide some protein that human need for growth. So, we cannot simply depend on cookies. As for losing weight, probably eating cookies all the time would lost weight, but it still sounds really weird. I won't try it actually. All in all, this is a very interesting blog! Nice job!

Very interesting. One point you made about how it was made by a doctor so it could possibly be considered a diet is one I think that doesn't necessarily mean it is true. A lot of people can hold titles and he may have a doctorate but not in science. Cookie diets lack a lot of nutrients as you mentioned so I think just monitoring what you eat and in taking healthy foods could be just as good as a weight loss plan or even better than this cookie diet.

Great post! I think that the idea of eating cookies to diet is a good business idea because Siegel is definitely targeting the right crowd but in any other aspect that sounds just awful for you. I don't think that I would ever try it. The only credit i could give this is that a doctor developed it. Still to weird, Interesting post

Although this is an interesting post, diets like these are all too good to be true. First of all, the cookies probably don't taste like grandma's cookies. Also, it would take a lot of self motivation to only eat one meal a day, even if you had cookies. Just not realistic to me.

What a weird diet!! I love cookies, a lot, but I definitely do not think this diet would be for me. Why not?? Because I LOVE breakfast! Being told I can't eat breakfast would be HORRIBLE! As much as I love cookies, I don't think I could deal with this diet. Plus I am not sure how, but I would probably eventually get sick of cookies! That would be even worse than missing Breakfast.

Very interesting blog post! I personally only eat about one major meal a day currently, so it really wouldn't be that drastic of a change. If the cookies don't contain many nutrients then the only time you'll be able to make up for that is during the one dinner every day. This diet may actually work, but it isn't something that I would try. I personally think that exercise is much more important than nutrition for keeping a healthy weight.

You see diets like this all to often, it almost seems too good to be true, which it kindof is. I think one of the biggest things for this diet would be that people actually think they are eating cookies but from the list of ingredients, they are not really a true cookie, but it tricks peoples minds into think they are eating something sweet and tasty! Overcoming the mental hardships in dieting can be the hardest thing, many times we are not eating because we are hungry but because we want or some other reason that makes us crave food, especially sugar! But if you wanted to truly loose weight and become fit, a cookie diet is not going to do it for you. It does sound great though!

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