Does Reality Even Exist?

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We all like to think of ourselves as level-headed individuals who can look at things from an even-keeled perspective. We don't think we have biases, because we see things as they are. The thing that stuck out to me the most this year in psychology is how untrue this is. Like Chris French's post about a man who was convinced he had undeniable evidence that there were weird spirits occupying his home, I've come to realize how many things I think are simple facts but really are results of my own biased perspectives. I think a lot of this is from the Correlation vs. Causation fallacy. I see test scores of people who are poor and assume that their lack of intelligence causes them to have no money. I decide to see it this way because it offers me comfort in knowing that my high ACT score will guarantee me success in life. I WANT to see it this way. The reality of the situation is that just because low test-scores are correlated with poverty, the cause probably lies outside both realms. Being born into underprivileged situations denies poor people proper education, health care, and safe environments, all of which are things that contribute to high test-scores and success in life.



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This is something that really stuck out to me also. I agree completely with your example using ACT scores. It is comforting to think that doing well on tests guarantees future success, but in reality, that is not true at all.

I love this post. Not only is it well written and interesting, I really get a sense of humbleness from you. Very down to earth and approaching this with an open mind. Love this post. Crazy to think about.

I had never really thought about just how true this is until reading your post. I am definitely the same way, I thought that because I got a high score on my ACT I would automatically be successful in life, but that is not true because hard work plays a huge factor in how successful you are.

Interesting post, I like it :) And I think that there has to be something more than just the the reality as we see it now. Not always things are the way we see them :)

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