Don't forget the baby!

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In a course that covers so much you have to pick and choose what the main points will be that you take away. One thing that has always been super important to me is having a family and kids. This course brought to me a lot of key points that will help me once I have my own children. The different emotions that babies feel as they grow up was very interesting to me. It was surprising yet relieving the find out that babies do not feel fear till after 3 months. I think that it's important that babies still feel protected at that age. I also would love for my children to be bilingual being able to speak both Laotian (my mothers native tongue) and English. Babies abilities to respond to people talking to them no matter what language is being spoken to them is not only impressive but helpful in this case!

Other interesting facts about children include the time in which they are able to recognize themselves. I will try the dot test on my child and see at what age they are able to see themselves in a mirror. I also think it's super important to understand that by the age of 4 children learn to lie. With that information you spare yourself from being shocked by the things your child says.

Check out this video: It gives a real insight on to how children from different countries still develop these same attributes around the same time and have the same emotions around the same time!

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I think that we don't think about babies as having these emotions because none of us remember being a baby! But it really is interesting to think that those little babies actually feel emotions, although at the same time it is obvious! Just very interesting to me. Great Post!

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