The Concepts of Parenting Styles

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Five years from now, I will remember many concepts from PSY 1001 because almost all the things that I have learned here applied to me as an individual. However, the concept that I have observed for a long time and applies to me the most is the parenting style (permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and uninvolved). Permissive parents are lenient to their kids, giving them freedom and affection with rare use of discipline. On the other hand, authoritarian parents are strict to their kids, giving little freedom and affection and often use punishments to teach the children a lesson. Authoritative parents are the combination of the two parents mentioned before. They support their children but set a limit to an extent. Lastly, uninvolved parents are ignorant; they did not care if their children have good or bad behaviors. From the four styles above, I can conclude I have authoritative parents. They are very supportive of my education and career, but they set limit to my personal freedom. When I was in high school, unlike my classmates, my parents expect me to study hard and be involved in educational activities. They rarely allow me to play with my friends before I was done with my work. When I was a kid, I got punished everytime I rebelled or broke their rules. I felt that with this parenting style, I grew up to be a more studious than my friends, who mostly have permissive parents. I think from all the parenting styles, the authoritative style is the best because the parents are involved in the kids' life but in a supportive manner.



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I found your post especially interesting because I did mine on parenting styles as well. However, you had a different opinion on parenting which intrigues me because it is interesting to hear others' points of views.

Children are very easy to imitate the behavior of their parents, I think it's important to set a good example. Thank you very much. Jual Jaket Kulit Wanita

This is a great educational article gives inspiration and add Sciences. Sewa Lct

This is a great educational article gives inspiration and add Sciences. Sewa Lct

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