Five Years from Today

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In five years I'm sure many concepts from psychology will still be somewhere in my memory bank, but one concept in particular I think I'll remember most will be the parenting styles. Five years from now, or very soon after that I hope to start a family. I think that my parents were a mix of authoritative and passive, mostly because they both worked full-time so they weren't always able to be there, and therefore were sometimes very passive with my brother and I.happy-family.jpg
Being an authoritative parent is very important to me because I want to make sure they my children are not only well adjusted, but also that they are not spoiled or starved for attention. I feel like parenting style plays a big part in a child's personality. So along with providing a safe environment and being able to allow my children to live a comfortable, being an authoritative parent is very high on my list of things necessary for successfully raising a child. This is why I know parenting style will be a concept still very alive in my mind in the next five years.


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I relate completely with your post! I had said in an earlier comment that my parents were a mix between the same two. I also had a brother and we were both given a lot of freedom. I would never want to suffocate my own children with rules and guidelines, but I also want them to realize boundaries. Great post!

This will definitely be useful later in life! I agree that parenting style plays a big role in a child's personality, so choosing the right one can make a big difference. My parents use a fairly permissive parenting style, which I thought was the best for me, but I understand that it does not work for every child. It will be very beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of each parenting style later in life when I become a parent! Good post!

I can relate with this post as well. However, I feel like children strive to be the opposite of what their parents have as a parenting strategy. I'll bet that because you're thinking about how you want to parent your kids now that you'll be an excellent parent

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