Implicit Association Test

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From Wikipedia, IAT is "is a measure within social psychology designed to detect the strength of a person's automatic association between mental representations of objects (concepts) in memory." Simply, as we see from its name, because people always do not speak their real thought, Implicit association test (IAT) is a method that ask people some questions and analysis the answers to detect their real thought.
I choose the "Age IAT" for my first attempt. This test is try to find peoples' ability to distinguish old from young faces. After fill in some basic information, the test ask me to sort words and picture into categories as quickly as possible. For example, sort wolds like joy, love, peace, and pleasure into good group, and sort agony, terrible, horrible, and evil into bad group. By the way, some question about myself really make me feel wield´╝î such as the current postal and the postal code where I've lived longest. All in all, the test really looks simple and you cannot figure out what on earth the test are looking for.
After the analysis, data gather from the test suggest I have a slight automatic preference for Young compared to Old.


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The implicit association test seems very weird! Funny how they can ask you the most random questions and be able to determine an underlying factor you didn't know about yourself. I am intrigued to find out whether I have a preference for young or old, I would guess young since I am young, but who knows! Interesting test!

After reading your blog I was intrigued by this test and decided to take the same one. I also have a preference for young rather than old people (and I agree with you that it is most likely because I am younger). I think it is very interesting the way that they test it as well. When they are asking between good and bad things/emotions at the same time as old and young people, whether you prefer young or old depends on how fast you respond when young was paired with good to when old was paired with good.

I was going to write a blog about this test, but I felt that some sections are too weird and take time to fill it out. Looking at your response, I guess the test might be quite fun overall. Did you try other categories as well?

I was interested in this test after reading your article and I tried it out as well. I'm not sure I agree that just because one makes a mistake that it means that there's some underlying belief. It definitely is an interesting test though, nice article!

I think it's interesting how they take certain data from you, such as your postal age to figure out if you prefer young compared to old. I think the surveys sometimes use questions like that to make us think in an unbiased way so when other questions come up we think of them as unimportant as our postal code.

Interesting post! I always think tests like that are interesting, I know I've done a few REP studies that tell me they're testing for one thing, but really I find out they're testing for another. I think that is a great way to keep a person's answers unbiased!

I took a similar test. It's about the racial problem. The test let me do response with the picture of white people and black people. Finally, it got a result that I prefer to the white people.

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