IQ is it Nature or Nurture?

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There are a lot of theories out there explaining the influences of IQ and it all falls back on the big question Nature or Nurture.
Today, nearly all psychologists recognize that both genetics and the environment play a role in determining intelligence. It now becomes matter of determining exactly how much of an influence each factor has.
Here are some arguments for each
Evidence of genetic influences:
• Twin studies suggest that identical twins IQ's are more similar than those of fraternal twins
• Siblings raised together in the same home have IQ's that are more similar than those of adopted children raised together in the same
Evidence of environmental influences:
• Identical twins reared apart have IQ's that are less similar than identical twins reared in the same environment
• School attendance has an impact on IQ scores
• Children who are breastfed during the first three to five months of life score higher on IQ tests at age 6 than same-age children who were not breastfed
I found it very interesting that there has been significant data proving Genetic influences on IQ. The article I posted below shows this direct prove of Genetic influence "Large sample size studies in monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic (DZ) twins raised together show an average correlation of .86 for MZ twins, while the correlation for DZ twins is only .60." Over all if I had to weigh it out I believe that environmental factors influence intelligence significantly more than genetics, What do you guys think?



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Interesting article! If I had to guess I would say that genetics has more influence on IQ than the environment. But at the same time, I feel that the environment still has an equal pull on overall intelligence. What I mean by this is that the way you are raised has a lot to do with "street smarts", or being a "people person". If you do not have either of these qualities, I wouldn't consider you an intelligent person. Either way, it is a tricky subject that I do not know enough about to make a worthy opinion.

This was a great blog! I like how you used statistics as a strong aid to show both sides of the argument. Based on the evidence you provided, my feeling is that genetics plays a slightly larger role in intelligence than the environment, but I think it could very from person to person as well. It will be interesting to see what evidence future tests on this subject yield.

Great post! I would have to say that our genetics allow us to seek out environments in which we learn. Kind of like that nature via nurture phrase. If people are curious and willing to learn by their genes, they will be more likely to go to school and learn from all of their experiences.

In my opinion IQ is a mix of nature and nurture, and so far the book has not contradicted that. I think the most important, is not the IQ scores of people but what they are using it for. I think other traits are as important. I think someone with average IQ, and with more than average work ethics and ambition, can be as lucrative as or even more lucrative than a genius person. Especially creativity does not correlate to IQ.
I think we need all people form the IQ spectrum and it’s our role as society to come together, and help each other to produce the best we can.
I liked your cartoons; good job!!

Very interesting topic! I think you did a great job of outlining the arguments and evidence on both sides. It is interesting though because when you look at an extremely uncommon exception, such as Einstein, how big of a role could the environment have really played in the development of his cognitive ability. There must have been a major genetic contribution to his IQ level because there's no way his environment while growing up was that drastically different from other people; it may have been more likely to aide creation of intelligence but there were certainly people who grew up in similar situations. However, he must have just had a significant genetic contribution to his intelligence.

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