Is Your Personality Affected By Your Birth Order?

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The correlation between birth order and personality has yet to be proved accurate. In my opinion it is kind of interesting to see how accurate the idea of birth order affecting your personality is. Some researchers feel that birth order differences are as strong as gender differences. Although it may be a bit stereotypical and generalized, according to the textbook, first borns aim for achievement, middle borns toward diplomacy, and later-borns toward risk taking. According to research conducted and presented by CBS news, an only child is the equivalent to three times that of a first-born. They are likely to be even more responsible, and even bigger perfectionists. Interestingly enough, they are proposed parenting styles that should be used for each child depending on their birth order. For example, parents should lay off of the first born and not pile on too many responsibilities. With the middle child, parents should allow them to make their own decisions and make time to listen to them. As for the last born child, they should be encouraged to stick to a specific set of rules as well as be given responsibilities just as the older children were giving. If parents parent accordingly to birth order, some researchers believe that it is possible to avoid the stereotypes of the affects of birth order. I think that the reason birth order plays a seemingly large role in personality is due to the different parenting styles that are affected by time and conditioning. Take this quiz to find out if your personality is accurately reflected by your birth order: .

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Very insightful! When reading this I thought of how my family fits in this template of birth order personalities. I would say we go against this model, as my older brother was the most risk-taking, and my younger and I are more diplomatic and achievement oriented. I would be interested in learning more about how genders and birth order work together to predict personality, not just how they work separately.

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