Just Be Yourself , Don't Fall into the Traps of Conformity

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zebras.jpgDuring this semester we have covered a lot of interesting topics. One that stood out to me a lot was the study of conformity. The video of the students saying the wrong answer to the line height question, really made me realize how much conformity affects people. Even though the students were positive that the answer the rest of the students were saying was wrong, they felt as if they needed to conform and not stand out to the rest of the group and chose the same wrong answer. I feel that many people at this age give into the pressure of conformity for many different reasons, especially in college. Many students want to make new friends and have people like them, and many people will do anything just to get people to like them, even if it means going against their morals and beliefs. I will definitely take this topic into consideration for the rest of my college career as well as my life. Although sometimes it is appropriate to conform, like behaving respectfully in class, other times you should make your best judgement to how to act in a certain situation. Sometimes the majority isn't always correct, and its up to you to go with your own instincts and beliefs rather than rely on others of what to do and how to act.


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Excellent post on a real issue in society! I definitely agree with what you are saying, but it is hard for me to say with certainty that if I was in the experiment with the line tests that I wouldn't conform. Those people were obviously very disturbed and uncomfortable deviating from the group, which reflects greatly on society, especially those in their teens. However, I believe that as we grow in college, people tend to accept themselves a little more and are comfortable being different, at least compared with high school and before. Great conversation topic!

This was a part of this class that also stuck out to me!! You explained it really well. I also could not believe how just the social pressures to conform caused people to change their answers. They said if one other person in a group doesn't conform, other people will be more likely to think for themselves as well. Just something to keep in mind as we fight this battle against conformity...

I like this post because it actually applies to something that we can all relate to. Conformity is a very evident issue in our society, especially at our age. I also agree with you when you say that yes, sometimes conformity can be positive, but sometimes it can also be very negative. Very interesting post!

Your picture really caught my eye and got my attention. I love this topic because it's something that we all face each day! We all have to make the decision to either conform or be ourselves and stand out. So relevant, great post!

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