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There has been a lot that I have taken away from this psychology course over the last few months. I feel that the subject that will stay with me for the longest is the five stages of sleeping. I found this topic to be extremely interesting from the second I started reading it, because I never knew that there were different levels of sleeping. Before taking this class, I always assumed that the human body acted in the same process throughout the entire night of sleep. This is why I was shocked to learn about the variance of conditions within the five different stages. The stage that I found to be the most intriguing was stage 5, often associated with Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This is the stage where people are in their deepest sleep and have the majority of their dreams.
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Every time I have dreamed since learning about this in class, I have woke up wondering if I was just seconds removed from the REM stage of sleep. I am excited to see what future research will further reveal about the topic of sleep. I also wonder if we will ever develop an advanced enough technology to record peoples' dreams.


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I found the section on sleep to be very intriguing as well. I had not known about all of the cycles either. One thing that I was sad to find out about is that naps don't do that much for regenerating the mind and body, unless they are quite long. I have definitely tried to get more sleep over the last few weeks. Like you, I also have thought about my dreams. It is interesting to think about the rem sleep when I wake up from a dream.

I also thought the sleep section of our book was very enlightening! I definitely do not get the 9 hours of sleep that our book recommends for college students. I would be interested in knowing more about the side effects they mentioned due to sleep deprivation.

I also really liked learning about the stages of sleep. I always wonder whether or not I experienced REM sleep when I wake up and do not remember my dreams. But after reading about REM sleep in the book, I learned that I definitely do not get enough sleep!

I think sleep in interesting as well. I really think that dreaming is very interesting too. It is weird to think that we go through different stages when we sleep.

I totally agree with your blog! Since most college kids are pretty sleep deprived, I think most of us find it pretty interesting. While taking this class, I have found that I am much more conscious of how much sleep I am getting, as well as, what I am dreaming about.

I also found this section of psychology interesting and i also didn't realize that we had different stages of sleep. It is amazing that they were able to figure out that we have five stages of sleep and it will be interesting to see what they figure out in the years to come.

Sleep was a topic in psychology that I really enjoyed. Since most people don't get the amount of sleep that is recommended I think it will be interesting to see if any long-term side effects start to develop in our generation. In addition, the study of sleep is pretty important considering that sleep is the activity that we spend a huge portion of our lives doing it.

Great topic! Because sleep is known to be so important it was interesting to learn more about it. I definitely think I will remember the tips and information learned in this section!

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