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romantic-love-1.jpg Every culture has a different perspective of love and marriage, some places believe in arranged marriage and others believe in marrying someone for love. Popular American culture has very distinct ways of looking at love and marriage. I believe that as children we all grew up thinking about our marriages at least on occasion. I would also bet that most of us at some point dressed up as a bride or groom and imitated an american wedding as a game. I definitely did, I think by this point i've been married 4 or 5 times.

When looking at a show like Say Yes to the Dress, there are so many examples of how our culture thinks of love. The majority of women that go on that show tell a story of how they met their husband and when they knew that he was the one. A lot of those brides stories of how they met have to do with someone that they've always known or have worked with for years. This shows the affects of proximity on love and relationships. The more time that you spend with or around someone the more likely it is that you'll find them attractive.

For those of you in relationships, do they fit the classic american views? or if not, what differentiates you guys from it?


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I'm not in a relationship, but I feel like most people I have been in a relationship with has been someone with the same marry for love view. It's interesting to think about how you are in a way limited to who you will marry by the people you know. I only thought networking was good in the business world, but apparently you need it for love too.

I thought it was kind of sad to read about the proximity factor. Like, well we both live here, so why not get married? not my ideal relationship. But I guess i can see how that works too. My boyfriend and I were friends in high school before we started dating, so I suppose proximity definitely played a role there, as well as our current long-distance relationship, which always seems to put a strain between us.

Proximity is a really interesting idea to think about because it's completely true. My girlfriend and I in high school met because our last names were right next to each other in the alphabet and it was the same with a lot of my friends.

I have a very traditional relationship. I am obsessed with say yes to the dress and I definitely have played games like that when I was younger. The one thing that is different about my relationship is that my boyfriend lives 20 minutes away which actually works in our favor so that we still maintain our own room and lives.

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