Mental Illness Awareness

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One of the topics that will absolutely stick with me when I leave Psychology is the unit on Mental Illnesses. It is frightening to me that most develop when people are in their young adult stage, which is what I am in right now. I feel the need to be very cautious of myself, as well as, my friends to make sure to catch any warning signs of a mental disorder. One of the scariest that has stuck with me would be Schizophrenia. You become completely paranoid and even hallucinate along with many other awful symptoms. As of now, there is little one can do to prevent it or treat it. This illness is much more rare than others.
One of the most common I have become aware of is depression. Especially in college, kids can be really emotional and stressed when coming into a totally new environment. The pressure of good grades and detachment from home can be very hard on students. Students are making an effort to make it known that treatment is 100% acceptable and available for depression. In the next few years, I hope the fight against mental illness can improve!stressed.jpg


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This definitely freaks me out too! I've seen friends end up having depression, and it's weird, it almost seems like it comes out of no where. People can hide it so easily too! Hopefully this won't happen to me, but like you said a stressful situation can trigger anything.

This really scared me too! Especially when they said that more females development mental illnesses than men to, making me even more worried. Hopefully, by trying to manage stress and stay focused on the bigger picture, we can prevent mental illnesses from developing.

Nice blog post! I think talking about mental illness in psychology has definitely made me less frightened of it. Mental illness seems to be surrounded by a lot of stereotypes which is why we associate so many negative ideas with it. For the most part, people with mental illnesses can still function normally with treatment, but like you mentioned, hopefully, treatment can get better for severe diseases like schizophrenia. Very interesting topic.

I agree, it is scary how prevalent mental illness becomes in our lives as we grow older. It makes me weary knowing that the causes and cures are unknown and different for each person. It is more important than ever to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle in college.

This is most definitely something I worry about practically every day too. At this time in my life, I have never been more stressed about school and getting good grades. It's really scary to know that you can develop a mental illness over time, and not necessarily be born with one. Very interesting topic, good job!

The statistics about the number of people with mental illnesses amazed me also. Although I do not feel I have friends with mental illnesses chances are I do and am just not aware of it. School is incredibly stressful which can clearly lead to developing mental illnesses. It is so important for people to seek out help when they feel overwhelmed and for friends to look for symptoms of a mental illness before serious problems or events occur. I really liked what the University of Minnesota did outside of Coffman for mental health awareness week. I was so glad to see students working so hard to bring awareness of the issue. I think it is very important and should not be ignored!

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