Mirror Images!

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mirror self-recognition.jpgIn this psychology book, the concept that I will remember in five years must be the mere exposure effect. Because this concept will always appear and rehearse in my mind when my friends around me tell me that they think they are prettier in the mirror than in the picture! In our psychology book, the mere exposure effect means the "repeated exposure to a stimulus makes us more likely to feel favorably toward it". As this concept helps explain why people think they are prettier in the mirror than in the picture, I will in turn explain this concept to my friends whenever I am told by my friends that they think they are prettier in the mirror than in the picture. Now instead of saying "I think so!" or "I don't know why.", I can tell them with confidence that they have got used to their mirror images than their photo images. I think mere exposure effect is one of the most interesting concepts that I learn in this psychology course during this semester. Actually, before learning this concept, I also have this kind of question as my friends have. Additionally, after I have a lot of rehearsals of telling my friends this concept, I don't think I can easily forget the concept of mere exposure effect in 5 years. And I am pretty sure that it will stay in my long-term memory!


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I really enjoyed this post! I hadn't noticed that people notice stuff like this until we learned about this effect in class. Just like you are saying, I also plan on enlightening people on the probable cause of why we look better in mirrors!

Oh and just one more thing this blog makes me wonder... what happens when you take a picture of yourself in the mirror?:)

That is a good question!!!! I think the picture of oneself in the mirror probably is the same as the mirror image of this person! Hope this answer would answer you question! Hah~

Interesting blog topic! I think the mere exposure effect is so prevalent in our own lives that it's hard to forget. Whenever I listen to songs, I don't like them right away but after being repeated a few times, I grow to like them. Overall, nice blog post!

This is such an interesting topic, isn't it?? Looking back on my own interests, it makes sense that the reason I like the things I do is because I've been exposed to them so much!

what an interesting take on this subject!! I never thought about it in this way before now! It makes perfect sense, maybe I should stop looking in the mirror! Great post!

This is something that I missed this semester! Very interesting post! And have experienced this with my friends, and now I can explain it to them! Awesome job!

I find that the exposure effect applies the most to me when i watch movies. Movies that i might have seen when i was younger and hated sometimes are a lot better once I've seen them more the once. For example, when I watched Young Frankenstein when i was a kid i hated it, but after seeing bits and pieces over the years and watching it recently I loved it.

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