Never believe the pseudoscience

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We almost finish Psychology 1001 course this semester. For me, the concept in psychology that I think I will remember five years from now is pseudoscience, because it is in the Chapter one that impressed me first and really shocked me when I read it.
I still remember that answers of first ten questions at the beginning of the Chapter one are all false. I was really surprised by the answer--I thought there are two or three correct statements at least, but the result is none. From that point, I realized the pseudoscience is really everywhere. It makes so many mistakes that we cannot distinguish which information is scientific right.
From the textbook, we know that about 95 percent of self-help books are untested, that is most suggestions from self-help book are probably wrong. If we read it, we waste not only time and money, but also our trust in it because it is not the scientific knowledge, only the entertainment. For example, there are too many books about the astrology. I was very interesting in it because people in different constellation will have different personality. I even spent a lot of time on studying my constellation and my boyfriend constellation to understand our relationship. It is stupid. Constellation cannot affect our relationship. It is just a kind of pseudoscience.
While I thought maybe pseudoscience was only a kind of waste and would not affect our life directly, the example in textbook told me I was totally wrong. The tragic story of Candace Newmaker made me angry. Because of the pseudoscience--rebirthing therapy, a innocent child lost her life. It made me feel sad and hate the pseudoscience. The pseudoscience is the true killer.
After that, we learned a lot, such as the types of memory, the different definition of intelligence, the development of personality, but nothing made me so angry as the harm of pseudoscience. This example reminds us never believe the pseudoscience. After learning psychology, we have responsibility to spread the disadvantage of pseudoscience.

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