No one has the right to play GOD!!

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Today, there is a lot of research going on in the field of genetics. Researchers are desperately trying to find, genes that are reponsible of every actions of a human being. Some researchs claim that they have already found a gene that they called the religious gene, in which it s abscence would make you an atheist. Some other researchers, are trying to find ou if there is a gene that is responsible of people alcoholism. Other researchers even speculate on gene of criminality which if exisitng on a people s chromosome would make them more prone to be criminals.
I personally do not see any opposition for these researchs. However, what scares me is what people would do with such findings and not the findings themselves. Humans always feel the need to play god, and therefore every time that there are new findings, they do not even wait for the alternative hypothesis, and start using those findings as a tool to wipe out other humans. We have seen such tragedy, on chapter 9, when we discussed IQ, and how decades ago, scientist just decided sterilizing african americans without their consent. People were blinded with their findings, that they did not see that they were doing is the same thing nazis have done to the jews, eliminating other people because they are considered inferior. I don t think this is a question of color, or race, I think all groups are capable of such atrocities, because people cannot help taht desire of wanting to feel superior, and that desire of having the perfect genes. People tend to forget holding a certain type of genes does not assure that does not assure the expression of that gene and that the environment play a role as well. But more important people tend to forget their mistake of the past. Therefore, having a board that decide of ethical implication of every genetic research is crucial to prevent tragedies.
I personally believe if for example a gene of criminalit existed, majority of the people will decide to put the person in jail even before it commits a crime. However, I think that is wrong and everyone should eb considered the same no matter what their genes are. The difference, is that for example you have a criminal gene, society should offer you help to prevent you from commiting crime, and not judge you on your gene. We all deserve to live and we all deserve the benefit of the doubt, no one shoudl judge you on your genes, or decide on waht to do with you genes.


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I really like the concept of this blog. It is a scary thing all of the tinkering that is going on in genetics now days. Much like the movie Gatica, we just don't know where it will end. I think you are right too in that it would introduce a whole new realm of Stereotyping and ultimately racism depending on what genes you had. You are right the environment affects things greatly as well. One thing for next time, you may want to include a visual aspect to the blog, and there where a few misspelled words. Overall great job I really liked the concept.

Your blog was very interesting and you raised some really good points. It is sad that people are capable of being judged just because of the genes they carry because there is so much more to a person than just their genes. Although there are some good things that come out of genetic research such as disease prevention and finding cures for other illnesses, there is a pretty thin line between ethical and unethical and I think that people are starting to go to far with gene research.

I agree that this is definitely an issue of concern.
Obviously there is a desire for more knowledge about the importance of genes and how they may affect our lifestyles or even the people that we are. However, we do need to be careful with how this information is used because it could lead to some greater, unforeseeable issues.

It is clear that we, as a race, are delving into pretty deep territory with our genetics research, which is why it's such a hot topic. I see nothing wrong with asking questions, but, like you said, there are people out there who will abuse the information and use it for the wrong reasons, possible to get rid of so-called inferior beings. I think genetic research is very important and shouldn't be stopped, but I also am unsure if the lengths to which we have to gone to regulate it are sufficient/strong enough.

I agree that researching different genes is not the problem, but what to do with this research. I think this brings up the nature vs. nurture debate as well. Is it purely in our genes that causes such things as alcoholism and criminal behavior, or is it our environment, or a mix of the two? I have also read articles about someday having "designer babies", or the ability to put all of the "good" genes together to make the perfect child. It really is a horrible thing to think about. We are all individuals, and if people start using this research for things like that, then we are heading in the wrong direction.

Your blog was very interesting to read. While I whole-heartily agree that no one has the right to play God, I think we almost must realize that humans are not perfect. In history classes we always hear of people trying to play God, no matter the time period. From the human sacrifices in the America's to slavery in Egypt to the Holocaust, there are always humans out there who think they know what is best. So while we shouldn't condone the atrocities you mention in your post, I think we should accept that there will always be some people who think they should be God.

Great post topic. What you said is very true and i think will always be a problem in our world, there will always be people who will be trying to plan the role of God. I think that this also highlights the topic that with our increasing technology and sophistication "Playing God" is becoming easier especially when it comes down to the genetic approach. interesting post!

This was a very interesting blog topic. I agree that the information could be potentially dangerous because humans are definitely capable of judging harshly and committing atrocities. At the same time, however, that research should still be completed because knowledge is always worth gaining as it can help us answer many questions on human behavior. What we do with the knowledge is an entirely different story. Nice blog!

This is a very controversial topic and I enjoyed reading your views. It is hard to believe that humans, as a species, has got to the point that we have not only mastered our environment but can also control the biological makeup of ourselves. I agree with most of your opinions. I think people generally jump on a 'new scientific finding' before it has really been proven and this often has bad, sometimes catastrophic, results.

Wow! It's interesting to see how they could match religion to genes. I wonder how this figures in to people who convert their religion over their lifetime. I do think that we should continue to do this research but I don't know if we should allow ourselves the opportunity to pick and choose genes. We don't always know the full implications of doing that.

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