Our Mind Playing Tricks on Us

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Five years from now there will be a lot of things I will remember from Psych 1001, but to be honest I will probably forget more than I remember. One of the things that I am confident that will stay with me however is all of the biases that we as humans have, even though we never mean to have them. From the durability bias to the representative heuristic to the availability heuristic, our mind sometimes prevents us from seeing reality. As teenagers and young adults we probably have a strong durability bias. We think that the good times and the bad times will last much longer than they do. I can't speak for everybody else but I know I need to learn that "this too shall pass". I think I will remember these biases and heuristics because the examples that the book gave really made me think about them. For example, the book asked which was farther West, Reno or San Diego. Our mind tells us that California is farther West than Nevada and San Diego is in Nevada, so San Diego must be farther West. Our mind has tricked us using a simple heuristic.

Even when we don't intend to, our mind tries to simplify things to much and we must be aware of this and try to consciously correct ourselves before we accept what is not true.


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Great post, I also thought I would remember the biases best. While I wrote specifically on the durability bias, I think you did a great job describing other stand out biases. The examples from the book were all very interesting and did a great job of demonstrating our different biases. I especially like the one asking which city is farther west!

I also found this concept to be very interesting! I never knew that I had as many biases as I actually do. I know many of my biases will last for many years, but at least now I can recognize some of them and try to eliminate them. Great post!

Very true! We have many biases, if we didn't I think that there would just be too much information to handle! Heuristics really help us make sense of the world, although they can get us into trouble as well! Great post!

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