Panic disorder

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We have learned many interesting and useful topics in this class but the most interesting topic that I will remember is the one about psychological disorders. I don't have any psychological disorders but I once had panic attack. It was only 6 months ago and it was first time that I had a panic attack. Fortunately, I didn't have any panic attack since then, but I can't forget the feeling of it. The panic attack came out of the blue like the textbook describes and it made me to want to kill myself. I was so scary and fearful and I couldn't sit still. I told my roommate I feel heavy in the chest and told him to call ambulance. But he said no and just told me to calm down. It was 3 in the morning so I couldn't go to Boynton. I really wanted to die at that moment. I had to live with the worry that panic will occur in any moment for almost a week. I am thankful that it was only a one-time thing. I can't imagine how people with panic disorder will feel like. It is so horrible that they have to live with the fear that panic will occur in any moment. Psychological disorders are much painful than people think. I will help people who have panic attack when I see them. I am not gonna see them as a crazy person like my roommate did. The textbooks says that about 20-25 percent of college students report a least one panic attack in a one-year period. Be careful! You might be the one.


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This was very interesting to read about what you experienced during this time, and what to watch for if I were to ever have on myself. It must have been really scary having a panic attack and I am thankful that I have never had to experience one in my own life. Your statistic at the end was also very interesting and at a higher percentage than what I thought it would be. Good job!

It is very sad that people have disorders such as the ones we studied in class. But very important that we keep studying them so that we can learn more and fix them.

This is a very interesting topic! I think that it is something that will stick with me too. Its sad to learn about how many different mental illness's there are. Panic attacks seem to be a pretty common one though, especially around this time of year with finals. Good post!

I can't imagine what that would feel like to have a panic attack. Did you suddenly wake up into the attack or were you awake doing homework or studying? Somehow I feel like that statistic for panic attacks is pretty high, but in all honesty, I believe it. A+ blog!

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