Personality or Situation?

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Everybody has an explanation for their behavior. Some people say its their personality others blame the situation for their actions. Many people believe that some situations bring out a persons true personality. Another group of people say that some situations can force people to do things that we wouldn't normally do. I believe that both personality and the situation has its factors on behavior. We have all been in a situation where no matter what happens we have to do something out of character to get out of a situation. There are also those situations that show people's character. For example, if a person confronts you with a problem then how you react is based upon your personality. But if that same person tries to fight you then in that situation you would fight back to defend yourself. So I think both situation and personality factor into behavior.


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I really liked your blog, and I agree with you that both personality and the situation effect a persons behavior. There isn't really a clear way to determine which aspect affects your behavior more and it is most likely different in every situation. I think that some situations may bring out a persons true personality and some peoples personalities may determine their behavior in certain situations.

Interesting! I do agree that behavior is a result from both personality and situation. But sometimes, I think the irrational behavior is due to both personality and situations. However, when people are under a rational circumstance, personality would account for more of the behavior! All in all, nice explanation!

I think that personality and situation both affect one's behavior, yet this does not mean that one can take away from personal responsibility. I hear so often people blaming their mistakes and pains on their society. If society were to blame then why are there people who are rich, comfortable and safe do evil things. If society is corrupt, how did it become corrupt? It had to start somewhere. I think it is dangerous thing to focus on fixing the external (society) rather than changing the internal (heart of Man). I do not deny that there are people in awful situations, yet more often than not we have to look to ourselves when evaluating what is happening in our lives.

I agree with you, I think that both personality and the situation can affect someone's behavior. I think that your personality definitely comes out most of the time, but certain situations bring out actions that we haven't seen before in ourselves. Very intersting blog!

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