Proximity, Similarity, Reciprocity and...?

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I think that in five years the topic I will remember most from Psychology 1001 will be the topic of Relationships. In that chapter they talk about the three main principles of attraction: proximity, similarity and reciprocity. From my own relationships, I agree that these three principles are very important, but I would like to know more of the makings of attraction because I do not believe that these three attributes are the sole contributors to being attracted to someone. There are two relationships I have formed this year that both support these principles and defy them. The first relationship is with my sorority sisters. It makes sense that I have built a relationship to them because I hang out with them all the time, we are strikingly similar in personality, and they give me everything that I give to them. Although these three principles hold true, there are also girls in the house that I have become extremely close with that are extremely opposite of me.

The next relationship that has become very important to me this year is my relationship with my boyfriend. In terms of the three principles, we don't exactly fit the mold. For starters, he goes to Madison, which makes our proximity close to zero. Although we do reciprocate quite well with each other, our personalities, are the same in some ways and different in others. Despite the fact of not fitting into the three principles of attraction, we seem to be quite attracted to each other. This raises the question, what are the other principles of attraction? What is it that makes us so attracted to each other, if it's not proximity, reciprocity and similarity?
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Great post Annie! I totally agree with the part about being so close with your sorority sisters despite sometimes completely different interests and personalities, I have experienced the same thing in my own house! Great job showing two different examples and how relationships work! (your and your boyfriend are adorable.. way to make it work despite the distance)

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