Psych 1001

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I have learned a lot of things in Psych 1001but the biggest thing that stood out to me was the survival exercise. I really enjoyed learning how to think outside of the box and get rid of item use stereotype. I can't believe that Crisco could be that useful. Overall I think that there was a lot of content in this class but most of it was very interesting and applicable to real life!


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This activity is also something I will remember from the psych discussions in the future. I thought it was amazing how useful some of these items could be. Like you I also did not believe crisco would be useful but it turns out there are some extraordinary uses for it. Unfortunately I would not have survived well, but after this activity I will be much more prepared if I ever find myself lost in the wilderness!

I also thought that this activity was very interesting. It really showed me the importance of thinking outside the box and finding different ways to use every day items. Good post!

Ha yes!! I agree this was a great discussion
i was surprised on the results of the most useful suplies. i would have never kept the crisco now and I probably would have tried to wander the forest which after the class I learned wasn't such a good idea. This is something I will definitely remember.

I thought that this activity was really interesting as well! It was interesting to see the how each person numbered the items then compared them to our group and finally getting to see the actual results. Great post!

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