Scientific Method

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The thing will stay with me the most from psychology is the scientific method. Using all of the different modes of the method such as falsifiability, correlation versus causation and replicability are not only extremely useful in psychology, but also when assessing other arguments in everyday life. I have found myself drawing on this knowledge when I am in everyday conversation, and I have won several arguments as a result of my knowledge in of the scientific method.
Relating to my major, I have learned that the scientific method can be used in the business world as well. When you are making a purchase or assessing advertisements, the scientific method can come in handy as to if you should make that purchase. If a claim on an advertisement is used that uses anecdotal evidence, for example, I would rely on my knowledge of the scientific method not to buy that product. This knowledge makes me a much smarter purchaser.
Lastly, knowledge of the scientific method would help me validate arguments made my candidates running for political office. In debates, especially, there are many arguments made that, to the general public, seem very valid. In fact, however, many times the politician's arguments are very weak below the surface. Being informed puts me ahead of the general public in this area as well.


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Great entry Sam! I love that you were able to relate the topic to many different aspects of your life, current and future! What a great thing to remember and utilize, especially if you plan to run for a political office. Good job!

This post is a very idealistic approach to the scientific method, especially when it comes to its applications to politics. Politics involves rhetoric, which the scientific can have very little of (logos) - whereas many other factors play in who is elected and voted in (just look at our government, past and present) - it rarely, if ever, follows a rational scientific method.

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