Setting the Rules on Parenting

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Growing up, my parents were pretty permissive. I've never been grounded, and I was rarely restricted from any activities. In my opinion (and hopefully everyone else's), I've grown up to be a mature, responsible, and well behaved adult. But according to Diana Baumrind's three major parenting styles, I should have grown up to be a rebellious teen with emotional and behavioral problems. Below are listed the three parenting styles, along with the child's predicted behavior that corresponds with each.

jpgPermissive: Permissive parents are lenient with children, rarely discipline them, and shower them with affection. According to Baumrind, these children should be rebellious and unstable.
Authoritarian: Parents are strict and give little opportunity for free/play time. They also show little affection towards children. Baumrind claims that these children also have behavioral problems.
Authoritative: these parents combine the best features of permissive and authoritarian parenting. They are supportive of their children, but set firm rules/limits. Baumrind found that children of authoritative parents are found to exhibit the best social and emotional adjustments.

However, these findings clearly can't be applied to every family, mine included. There are other factors that influence behavior, such as genetics. Also, a child's behavior influences the parenting styles that their parents use. For example, if the child is naturally calm and well behaved, parents may not have to set so many rules. In my opinion, every family should find a parenting style that best suits their child. No one child is the same, so parents must adopt techniques accordingly to keep their children healthy and happy.


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Interesting article. I can relate to you. My parents would basically do what ever i want and give me whatever i wanted, with a few exceptions. I grew up to be mature, and a responsible adult. The three different parenting types teach there children in much different ways, and they grow up completely different. but i believe in a lot of cases that the findings are not always clear, or if your parents raise you up in a certain style that you will automatically be a certain way. It was a great article, it would be better if you would explain why you and me didn't grow up to be a rebellious child.

Good blog! You did a good job covering the idea that there are plenty of exceptions to this simplified figure. I feel like half the challenge of being a parent is deciding what kind of parenting would be best for your child. The personality/genetic traits of some children would cause them to respond more or less positively to the different types of parenting. Sounds like your parents figured you out okay :)

This was a very official looking blog! I really liked it but I think that it was a little dry. We all already read this in our books. All together though it was very professional.

I completely agree with you! I think that it is stupid how all of these so called "professionals" are saying the right and wrong ways to raise a child. The only people who should be considered "professionals" at the right and wrong ways to raise a child are parents themselves. Every child is different, so why should all children be raised the same way. I thought this was a very good article, and thought you made many good points, nice work!

My parents were also permissive in their parenting, increasingly so as I grew older. Just like you said, I am not rebellious and unstable as Baumrind would predict. I think that my parents raised me in a permissive way because they knew they could trust me. They got less and less strict as I grew up and they clearly saw that I made responsible decisions. They were permissive because there was no need to be strict.

Interesting blog. I definitely can say that I relate. Especially as I got older, my parents were mostly permissive. I, also, would like to think that I turned out to be a responsible and well-mannered adult, which isn't what the chart suggests I should be. This just proves that however well-tested these theories may be, they still have their flaws. Well done!

It seems that this is another Nature vs. Nurture debate. Is the parenting style or the genes of the child the more important factor. I would assume that you were right that dependent on the genes the different parenting methods would have different effects. I would say also that certain factors the parenting methods bring to the table would cause the genes to express themselves in different ways. For instance if the parenting style caused a lot of stress it would have an impact on how the organism developed and in turn how genes were expressed.

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