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Through out this class there has been a lot of basic information being taught about Psychology, and how the Human brain actually work. The thing that caught my eye the most would probably have to be the intelligence and IQ testing. I found intelligence test very interesting because researchers can tell so much about someone from a basic test that is given. I have recently talk to my older brother who just got hired in a financing job out of college, and he said that they are required to take an Intelligence test. So intelligence test can be done by by employers, when looking to hire new people for there company. However he wasn't exactly sure what exactly they were looking for in the intelligence test. Another thing that caught my eye about Intelligence test and IQ test is how many different ones that are out there, and what the results show for certain ones.

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Yeah, I agree that this unit was super interesting. I really enjoyed learning about it. I can't believe your brother's employer made him take an IQ test! I did not think companies would actually do that -- wow! So surprising!

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