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As boring as it sounds, I imagine 5 years from now I will be working for some big corporation with a typical office, with typical business clothing, and with a typical day-to-day. Even though it doesn't sound like I would need to know anything but, let's say, accounting, I have a good feeling that psychology will play a huge role in my job. The concept that will probably stick with me is IQ, especially since we discussed what it would be like if it was the only thing determining whether we got a job or not.
Also, the idea of IQ is a disputed topic especially between different genders and races. I could see people wanting to take a break from work and testing each other's IQ by taking tests online (as lame as that sounds). Whoever had the highest would obviously have bragging rights, which no one minds in a competitive setting like accounting. Even if it's not the most important idea, IQ is brought up in almost every day. It might not be someone talking about "IQ" exactly, but I know I hear the word "smart", "intelligent", or even "genius" AT LEAST once a day. And, who doesn't mind being called intelligent?


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I also found the topic of IQ testing to be very interesting. I like how you were able to bring the idea of IQ testing into an accounting job. I too plan to be working for a major corporation following college,and I agree that something like IQ testing could have big implications for bragging rights. I also hope that I won't only be judged on IQ during job interviews!

IQ testing is a very memorable topic and one that I think will remain prevalent in the years to come. I think it will be interesting to see if IQ tests adapt to the new realities of the world. Will they have questions on how to use certain technology like computers on the test? Because in this day in age knowing how to use a computer is almost as important as knowing basic algebra. Will technology ever become part of the test or will it stay the same? Good post!

IQ is a very interesting topic! And I think that it is a good general way to test intelligence, however once into the workforce there are many more factors that IQ doesn't test! Great Post!

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