The Role of a Father

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In chapter ten, the authors address "The Role of the Father" in families and children's development. They pin point four crucial differences between the role of the mother and the role of the father. One, fathers are generally not as affectionate towards their children compared to mothers. Two, fathers generally spend less time with their children than mothers. Three, fathers tend to engage in more physical play with their children than mothers. Four, children generally choose their father over their mother as a playmate. These are all important differences that I believe emphasize the importance of both parents to be present in a child's life. While there are many strong mothers who single-handedly support and raise their children, they cannot completely replace the role of a father. In this article, Mr. Hollis comments on the decline of the traditional family and the role of fathers in recent decades. I found his article appealing because he too agrees that the role of a father cannot be easily replaced. Overall, while I understand there are often circumstances that prevent a father from being a part of his child's life, I think the child is truly at a loss for not having that relationship their life and vice versa.


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I agree with this post, however I feel that there isn't really that much of a traditional family anymore. Today, there are dads that stay at home and take care of the kids while the mother works. But I do agree that not growing up having a dad, effects the child's life either a lot or very little.

I found this post very interesting because I also chose to write about this topic! I really enjoyed the article. I definitely also feel like there is a decline with traditional families. I wonder why? I liked how you gave us all four of the facts represented in the book! Great job!

Interesting topic choice! I liked how you included the four facts about the role of the father from the textbook. This is valuable information to keep in mind, that fathers affect a child and how they grow up. Unfortunately, some people do not always get the chance to have a father present. I think that if most people could choose, they would want to have a father figure present in their life. This just emphasizes how important it is to try and maintain a traditional family set up.

This is interesting topic choice. These gender and parent roles definatly exists in the world today. It just goes to show that children need both sides. Two parents with these roles is defiantly needed.

I couldn't agree more. I think that fatherhood needs to be promoted as a social ideal. That is not to say that there aren't single fathers or fathers in traditional families doing an amazing job, it's just that there are so many single mothers, so many fathers that don't see parenting as an important aspect of their lives. Boys and young men need to be taught the importance of the role of the father from an early age to promote responsibility when they have children.

I agree that our society is moving away from a "traditional" family dynamic. Both of my parents work full-time, but my dad spends his time outside of work with me and my sisters as much as he can, whereas my mom chooses to spend her free time with friends and doing things for herself. Not that my mom is not loving or doesn't care about us, but my dad is much more obvious in how he shows it, which goes against the 4 crucial differences. I think it is important that fatherhood be seen as more crucial in our society.

I totally agree with this. My mom and my dad were both parents to me in a different way. One time when I was little my dad and I actually talked about this. I told him that I thought my mom showed her love by her emotions and physical affection (hugs and kisses), while my dad showed his love by spending time with me, playing games or hanging out.

I really enjoy your blog. The main point of the chapter is so clear. I agree with that. Father play a totally different role show his love in a different way from mother. But there is no doubt we love each other so much.

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