The truth about IQ

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I think the concept that I would remember in five years, is the concept of IQ; I thought chapter 9 was the most interesting read in the whole book. In this chapter, the author was able to convince me that, even if IQ is mainly heritable, the environment plays a major role. However, what I thought was the most interesting is that even if IQ correlates with the amount of education people obtain and the intellect of their jobs, it still does not correlate with other significant traits. For example, IQ does not correlate with creativity. I thought this was surprising, since it shows that average people have more creative ideas than a person of genius IQ. I also enjoyed the fact that wisdom is not related to IQ. For me, this makes a lot of sense, since there are a lot of scientists,that are smart people, but still don t have good ethics. In the end, the author considers creative and wise people equals to ones with a high IQ. The author also argues that people with a high IQ can still be tricked by average people. In summary, I think it would be nice to be in the range of geniuses, but if you don't fall in that range you may still be a wise or creative person, which is as valuable as anything else.


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Lot's of good info here. I agree, street smart is not book smart. For the most part, IQ tests test book smarts. A lot of the most successful people out there probably do not have the highest IQ's. They have good ideas. A test just gives you information, doesn't tell you what you can and cannot do.

One thing that bothers me in the book is that representation of people with high IQ's as people of great historical and ethical importance. Even in your picture Einstein and Mozart (two great people - one scientist, one artist) have IQ's (even though creativity isn't correlated with a high IQ). I'm sure there are plenty of people without a high IQ, popular historical figures, that are important that the book basically ignores.

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