Things I Will Never Forget

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What I will never forget from this class would probably be Development and Learning. While we were going over these chapters over the semester I was particularly interested because I am expecting to have a daughter in August. So just learning about the way babies learn was very interesting. Something in development that stuck out to me was how the brain develops and ideas such as object permanence. As far as learning, conditioning stuck out to me because I began thinking of ways i could condition my daughter to do certain things. So these two chapters were the ones that stuck out to me the most.


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First of all, congratulations on the baby! I think it'll be really interesting for you to see all of these topics (especially the ones about the growth of a person) in real life. Maybe being in this class will help you be a really great parent to your child. Well done!

It should be very interesting to compare what we have been taught to what actually happens with your child! The book can almost be used as a guide or calendar to see how your baby develops. Well done blog, and congratulations again on your happy news!

I wrote my blog on practically the same thing! I agree that child psych is such an interesting concept, especially as you learn how their brains develop. Also, CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! I can't wait until I have children one day and can identify all of these concepts we learned this semester!

What a great connection to your life! Congratulations on the baby! It will be interesting to see if you can apply what you have learned about human development in psychology to your life.

This is a very interesting concept to bring up and to know that you can use ideas yo condition your daughter to do different things. Using the things we have learned this semester in class should be good knowledge to have when your daughter is born. Congratulations!

This was definitely a very enlightening subject from the psyc class. Learning about how we develop as children was quite interesting and really made me think about all the work my parents did raising me and teaching me. It is incredible how big an effect that plays on childs learning and development. This has me a bit worried for when the time comes to have children because now i can see just how much work will go into helping them learn and grow. Nice post and good luck with the new child!

Congratulations! Hope you remember enough of your psychology knowledge to test out some of the cool things you can do with infants/young children -- reflexes to test, object permanence, conservation, etc. It is extremely fascinating to watch a child develop. However, the time goes by very quickly so try to enjoy every moment (even the not so great ones when you are extremely sleep-deprived/worn out)!

I spend a lot of time nannying so learning about development also fascinated me. I had no idea about how children's mind worked. I think it will be really fun when you are playing with your daughter what is going on in her brain and how it is processing. Congratulations!

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