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I found psychology an interesting subject and I was really fascinated by lectures and readings about emotion. It is something that everyone experience every day, every minutes and yet I didn't really know the psychological concepts behind emotion and feelings until I actually read about it. I really wish we had more time in class to discuss more about human emotions with relation to psychological disorder. What interests me the most was the topic about attraction - love and hate and I will certainly remember what I learn. Sometimes I feel like the explanations about attraction are common sense that most people already know or can figure out by themselves such as mutual affection generated by similarity and proximity. However, I did learn something new and interesting, for example things like the most average face is the most attractive and the misconceptions about emotion. I think learning about human's emotion will be really helpful for me as I will be more understanding about people and their feelings. Additionally, as many actions are emotional driven, knowing about people's state of minds or emotions and the psychological explanations will be useful for dealing with many events or incidents in life. I will definitely apply what I have learned about emotion in psychology to real life.

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