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What I think I will most likely remember from Psych 1001 in 5 years is the chapter on personality. I really enjoyed the activity we did in class about this chapter and that we got the opportunity to get in groups, different from our usual ones, and solve a problem. It was interesting to see the different methods that the groups took to come up with ideas based on the different personalities. personality.jpg
Another thing I liked and will remember from this chapter is topic of birth order and does it matter? I found this to be very interesting and easy to relate to. Reading about this make me think about my brother and I, and if all the hypothesis out there were true in our case.
Overall, there are several things I have seen just this semester in my daily life that relate to Psych 1001. I have a much deeper understanding for certain topics, mostly those that interest me more. Personality is huge in the real world now. Whether you are making new friends, dealing with old ones or trying to get a job, personality is key. I can use personality in my future when applying for jobs. Many companies look for someone who will be the right "fit" into their company and they look for that in our personalities; therefore, knowing how you react or don't react to things can be very beneficial when looking for a place of employment or even a school to know if you ARE their "fit".

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I also really enjoyed the discussion section on personality. I thought it was interesting to see everyone split up into groups where our personalities were similar and see how we got the task done. It'll be handy in the future knowing the different aspects of personality and how you can work with people of other personality types.

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