What I'm Taking With Me

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Of the many things that I believe I will remember from psych, I think that some of the most imgres.jpgimportant skills I have taken from this class are how to judge the results of different studies and research; like correlation vs. causation, replicability, falsifiability, occam's razor, and ruling out rival hypotheses. I think that these skills can be very useful when you aredetermining the validity of some type of research. I have already started transferring these skills into areas other than psych. I think that using these skills can be very helpful when you are given information, because you should not believe everything you are told, and you should be able to determine if something is true or not. But overall, I feel that there will be many little things that I learned in this class that will also stay with me for a very long time.


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Great connection to everyday life. These are extremely valuable skills that can be used in psychology but also in a variety of ways throughout life. It is helpful to keep these in mind when deciding if a study or situation is reliable or valid.

I completely agree! Ever since I learned about the importance of determining correlation vs. causation, I have started to interpret new information in a different way. It is very beneficial to judge information with this principle not only in psychology, but in every day life. Great post!

My feelings exactly. I definitely use the six principles of critical thinking when i read and watch the news. However, I think the extraordinary claims principle is one of the most important principle to use when applying to the outside world.

I liked your post and agree as well! When questions regarding this topic would come up, I would think of ways they could be applied in my life and I was surprised to find many possible situations. Great job!

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