Who Wants To Be a Smart Guy

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In today's culture media often helps spread incorrect stereotypes about intelligence. For example very rarely in movies is the scientist or educated person from the south. For some reason every time there is a less intelligent character in a movie he or she is the one with the southern accent. The popular media also portrays large people as slow and dumb. For instance Fezzik in the movie Princes Brides was quite slow, yet in reality, size has no effect on inelegance. An Example was given in the text book on page 318 about the ex-bar bouncer that actually had one of the highest IQ's in America.
There are also many other types of inelegance such as social inelegance and common sense. Often the news stations are asking the "Experts" when all the "Experts" have is book knowledge. So often they have never been in the situation or are unaware of underlying factors. For example I play football here, and have come across many articles in the papers where an "Expert" gave his or her opinion about the team. More often then not they are completely off on what is actually happening. So often the media portrays certain aspects of intelligence that just are not true.


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I like how you incorporated a personal experience and connected it to what we have been learning. I agree that "experts" are not always correct, but I think they have earned the right to be wrong because they have experience and success working with the subject. Like you said, some of the experts may only be "book smart," but I think many of them have a great amount of practical and creative intelligence. These two intelligences are the most predicting of job performance, so if somebody is considered an "expert" they probably possess a good amount of each.

I really like how you brought to light the fact that often times tall people are seen as big and dumb but I would have liked to have seen a little bit about gender differences as well. I would like to see if being a tall and big woman carries a different stereotype.

Very true. The media is a very cruel place in terms of stereotypes, and I don't really expect it to change. But I agree, it is not fair. Great Post!!!!!!!!!

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