Why Follow the Crowd?

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Over the course of the semester, we have learned about many aspects of psychology that I have found extremely interesting. One of the concepts that I will remember in five years from now would have to be the idea of social conformity. When we watched the video in discussion of the Asch Experiment, it was interesting to see how individuals would go against their own correct belief because the rest of the group was answering incorrectly. From seeing how easily someone can conform, one must wonder if society could follow the "crowd" at a larger scale and adapt to rules that might be deemed as not the best idea. This type of behavior shows how people can stray away from staying true to their own beliefs in order to fit in and not seem like an outcast. If everyone begins to lose their sense of individuality, what would make each of us unique?conformity_115465.jpg I can see how conforming in certain situations such as when voting or with parenting styles would be an acceptable situation, but when it comes down to one's own individuality, staying true to yourself is the best idea. All in all, certain situations call for different types of conformity and in the future, I will think about whether something calls for me to follow the crowd or my own beliefs.


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Great topic choice!! This is so true. It's almost scary to think how easily we conform to what we believe to be the "norm" even though it may not be true to ourselves. I think I will remember this as well, especially after watching the video in class of the elevator experiment. Good job!

As hard as it may be for some people to admit, we all conform occasionally. But after learning more about conformity in class and realizing the rate at which many people do it, I think I will be able stick with my beliefs and have a greater sense of individuality in the future. Great post!

I had almost forgotten about this portion but now that you bring it up it definitely was a very intriguing topic. The videos from discussion about people fighting pressure to follow the group. It really had me thinking about what i would do. As much as i would like to say that i would be an individual and stick my what i think is correct, i know going against a crowd is very difficult and i think in the end i would succumb to the pressure and follow the crowd. Great topic choice!

The topic of conformity stood out for me as well! It's interesting to think about daily decisions we make and how unconsciously we conform do be more socially accepted. Not many people like to admit that they conform to others' ideas or views but conforming doesn't necessarily mean negative. Good post!

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