Will our generation IQ be greater than our parents generation?

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In our book we read about the Flynn effect. The Flynn effect is over time, the average IQ of the population will rise at a rate of about three points per decade. This suggests that, on average, our generations IQs will be a full ten to fifteen points higher than those of our grandparent's generation.
When researching the Flynn effect, I found that these results may be a result of environmental influences. When looking on the University of Indiana's website they talked about four of these environmental influences. The first one is better schooling and kids spending longer times being examined in formal educational settings. They are becoming better test takers and learning how to solve problems. The next influence is the societal changes occurring. We constantly have to process information quickly and learn how to use new technology. The third influence is better nutrition worldwide. When people are better fed, the cases of severe malnutrition declines, and kids are better able to focus on learning. The final environmental influence is home life. Parents are spending more time with their kids and helping them to become better problem solvers and provide their kids with resources to help them learn better.

I thought it was really interesting learning about the Flynn effect. It makes a lot of sense to me that all of those environment influences increase our IQ from generation to generation. The video I talks a little more about the Flynn effect and I was really surprised by their fact that someone that took an IQ test a hundred years ago and was in the top ten percent would be in the bottom five percent today.



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Wow that was a really informative video. That stat that you mentioned from the video is almost mind boggling. The smartest 10% of people 100 years ago are now in the bottom 5%. If the top 10% of 100 years ago are now in the bottom 5%, I wonder where ancient civilizations like the Mayans, who came up with the calender, would have ranked?

That was a really cool video. It really shows that maybe we give too much credit to so called great minds of that past that today would have been considered below average. It is interesting to think about.

The video added good evidence to your blog. I think it's interesting how it explains that video games could be a possible cause for children's improvement in problem solving skills, yet people think that video games are linked with violence in children and teens. Our generation has so much more access to learning resources, like everything on the internet and Google search, than our parents did back when they were in school so I think it's obvious that our IQ's would be higher.

I definitely think that modern technology has to do with this as well. I watched my five year old cousin play on my uncle's Ipad once, and it was crazy to see how fast he used it and how knowledgeable he was on it. The internet wasn't even invented that long ago. My parents didn't grow up using it as so many kids do now.

Good choice of media. That video was very interesting! But I agree, it is weird. I look at what kindergartners and first graders are doing now, and I think about what I did when I was their age, and it isn't even close to the same thing. Their curriculum is much more rigorous than mine ever was. I think this has to do with the ever increasing competition in our world. Everyone wants to be better than everyone. Well done!

I think the Flynn effect and the implications that it has are very interesting. You did an excellent job covering the subject and the video was very interesting! I personally think that the cause of this continuous increase in IQ is merely evolution still taking place. Humans, as a species, still have room for improvement and I think we will continue to become more intelligent until we have complete mastery over our environment.

The video in this blog is interesting. I totally agree that our generation IQ will be greater than average IQ of our parents, and also our child will has a more higher IQ when compared to ours'. Modern education system, better medical condition, better diet, more peaceful global environment and many other reason can let to the higher IQ.

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